• Artillery can support an attack if it’s from the area where the attack came forth from, but isn’t in the attack itself, correct?

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    Not sure what your question exactly is but I will give you a stab at it…

    Artillery support infantry in battle by giving them an increased attack at 2 matching one infantry for every Artillery. They Go into battle like Infantry, and support Infantry, Regardless if they have come from seperate territories

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  • Suppose I am attacking Anglo-Egypt from Libya, and I attack with one infantry and leave the artillery behind. Am I correct in saying that the infantry will still attack on two, although the artillery is not actually moving into Anglo-Egypt?

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    no the Artillery must be present in combat…

  • The art must be in the same zone than the attacker and attacks also as a separate unit at 2. Say you attak with 2 inf and 1 art. You would then roll 2 dice at 2, and one at 1.

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