Spring 1942 2nd Ed - House Rules for Russia

  • Hi guys, this is my first post on the forums and if this question as already been asked please bear with me.

    I also have not worked out all the mechanics of the rule so I was maybe hoping that some of you more experienced players could help me out.

    Historically, the Soviet Union does not declare war on Japan until August 1945, after the US/UK did the heavy lifting in the Pacific as well as after the dropping of the atomic bombs. Yeah and that whole march to Berlin thing…

    So, to simulate this I was thinking that the USSR could not attack Japan until Turn 5 or 6?
    If Russia attacks earlier, then they would have to pay a penalty of 10 IPCs.

    Furthermore, Japan would also have to pay an IPC penalty if they attack USSR prior to Turn X.

    I don’t think that this rule would unbalance the game or anything, but I was wondering what you guys thought.


  • Hi,
    first of all A bombing Hiroshima/Nagasaki wasn’t why Russia attacked Japan (nor it was a cause of Japan surrender), it was because Russia with western Allies finally finished off Germany and had its hands free to attack and retake territories lost in the Russo-Japanese war in the beginning of the century.

    From the gaming view, the whole OOB system is broken, I am playing with an idea of making an HR sound like this:
    Japan and Russia begin the game not being at war with each other, Japan cannot declare war on Russia until Moscow is captured, and Russia cannot declare war on Japan until Berlin is captured by the Allies.

    About your HR, Russia is merely strong enough to protect Moscow, not talking about some far east adventures.

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    About your HR, Russia is merely strong enough to protect Moscow, not talking about some far east adventures.

    I guess one way to handle this would be for the HR to say that Russia can declare war on Japan after two conditions have been met:

    • Germany has been defeated
    • Russia has had time to transfer many of its forces from Europe to the Far East

    This is basically what happened in WWII.  Stalin had an agreement with the Americans and British that he would declare war on Japan three months after Germany’s defeat, to allow him time to shift his forces eastward.  Which he did.

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