Battle of Okinawa - Beachhead questions…

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    There’s quite the confusion with me and my buds when it comes to the amphibious assault rules.

    If the landing units defeat the defending inland units, do they stay on the beach or move up to the desired zone in the same turn? Will a landing force have to STOP at a beach if there are NO enemies inland present? And lastly, do landing units have to fight inland enemies of EVERY adjacent inland zone or only the inland zone they wish to invade? Thanks.

    Oh, one more thing - at the very beginning of the game - are the US land units at the set up considered loaded on the transports?

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    Alrighty then…

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    Sorry, didnt see you original question. The assaulting units move up if they win the battle. If they do not win they stay on the beach and incur a defensive penalty.  Yes…the transports are loaded

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  • Sorry tigerma, nut some question remains :

    • if i land form a sea zone and the beach zone confines with 2 different zone, do i have to battle with all or can i choose a single territory ?

    • If i land in beach and there is no enemy do they move up the zone or remain on the beach ?

  • Bump … my questions about okinawa remains and i dunno how to solve them … if someone from HBG came by this thread can answer ? Or look into my questions ?

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    If you have 2 zones connected to a Beach zone you can choose which zone to move into.

    If you are on the beach and connecting zone is empty you must wait until the next turn to move in the empty zone

  • TKS TIGERMAN another question :

    What does it mean this : “The assaulting units move up if they win the battle.”

    • if i win all my opponents are destroyed
    • if i lose i thin all my pieces are destroyed

    So how can i remain on the beach ? It happens when i decide to reatreat only ? Or does the battle last only 1 round of combat in this game
    (as 1914) and so if i dont kill my enemy in 1 round i have to stay on the beach ?

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    I dont understand your last question. You say if you win the battle on the beach all of your units are destroyed.  How is this so? Obviously if you dont have anymore units after the battle then you do not move or control anything.

  • I try to be more clear.

    Actually i say right the opposite.
    Let’ say it like this : the american makes an amphibious landing in a beach region with japanase defender in the adjoining region so has to fight the japanese :

    • if american win all japanese unit are destroyed so american move up form beachead to the region
    • if american lose all his troops are destroyed and japanese troops stay on the territory near beachead zone

    In both cases there are not any units on the beachead at he end of the combat.

    Is it right ?
    If it is how is it possible to have units in there ?
    Am i missing something in the rules?


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