• I got it as a christmas present from GF. I read a few issues before I got it, but love now having a subscibtion.

    For those who have not read it, it has really great articles. Not just the run of the mill, “miracle at dunkirk” type of thing that every WW2 enthusiast knows backwards and forwards. This month they had an article about the jap subs that made it all the way to france to exchange tech with the Germans. A footnote in history yes. But VERY interesting!

    Unlike many of the history books I have read, the magazine enlightens me on a lot of the small stuff. If you get into WW2, I suggest you get a subscription.

  • I have it and like it too. Did you read the Afrika Korp article a while ago?

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    I get it also, problem is never call these people for advertising space rates or you get screwed forever. I get millions of emails and phone calls from their advertising department. Geez!

    They did a good job on the Bulge about last year . I like the paper quality too–shinny.

  • Got it for two years, and really liked it. Only cancelled the subscription 'cause I got so busy I couldn’t find the time to read 'em. I still have about 8 month’s worth totally unread :P.

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