I want to buy a painted set or army

  • '14

    I will buy painted units, whole armies, and/or whole painted game set of all armies!

  • 2018 Customizer

    What exactly are you looking for, AAM, FoW or any other 15mm miniature? I have quite a bit of allied AAM pieces.

  • '14

    I’m trying to have a full set of painted armies for my anniversary edition. I’ve already painted all German units. Need the rest. If love to buy some from u.

  • 2018 Customizer

    Now I understand. Unfortunately I have miniatures for the 15mm AAM game rather than the A&A board games, so I won’t me much good to you. Sorry!

  • I painted a bunch of pieces for my son’s set of AAP40 and AAE40.  I never finished a whole set.  My work isn’t crazy good or anything but I think they are nice.  Send me a pm if you would like to discuss it.  Remember, I’ll have to charge something reasonable to make it worth the hours it takes to undertake this.

  • Hello! I saw that you may be interested in purchasing Axis and Allies minis. If you are interested, I literally own every set & every miniature that exists. Message me if you are interested. Everything I have collected of A&A has been kept in special protective cases, preserving everything in an absolute state of flawlessness. Message me if you have any questions as well. Thx!

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