Round 5 scenario, what would you do?

  • So it is round 5, and although the threat of Sealion is minimal, the Germans control Leningrad and are about to take Ukraine. Japan has half of China with 2 minor ICs on the mainland, they control the Philippines, FIC, Hong Kong, and are collecting a $5 NO for the south pacific Islands. Although there are no Allied Ships in the Med, Italy can’t get any traction to make landings in Africa, and are only making small gains in Europe.

    So with London and Cairo secure, but Paris. Leningrad, Hong Kong and Manila captured… what are the Allies best strategies going into the next 5 rounds? what victory cites or axis capitals should they target? and what cities or territories should they liberate? should the Allies stay on the defensive, or perhaps attack more?

    I understand that good answers depend on greater details of the scenario, but I’m really just looking for some simple suggestions with a broad stroke… especially on the question of whether or not you think victory cities are important to capture or liberate for the Allies at this point in the game, or if it’s only important to worry about victory cities when the Axis are close to a victory condition. You may assume that you anticipated this round 5 scenario right from the start, and that your builds will support your suggested strategy going forward.

    Thank you for your contributions.

  • Assuming Moscow is safe and Gibraltar in allied hands, I’d say the allies must stop the German flow of reinforcements into Russia and tie them down into western Europe. With landings or at least the threat of it.
    Hawai and Sydney must be protected properly because it is very safe assuming Japan will take Calcutta as well.

    So I’d say its a mix of being offensive where you can without being annihilated in an axis counteroffensive (with loss ratio’s in their favor) and defending where you must… Easier said than done but that’s the rough outline.

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    It sounds like Japan are rampant. I think the US should be only spending 20 in the Atlantic and the other 50 in the Pacific.  Europe should hold with the help of 2 Inf and 2 Art a turn dropped into the UK, with a DD as a  possible blocker.

    In the pacific, I believe a concerted effort to take and hold Java(because of its easy proximity to Queensland) should break Japan’s stranglehold on the rich DEI. It could also serve as a second line of defence for Calcutta. Anzac and US will have to keep throwing ground units and Transports away, but with the economic edge, it ought to pay off.
    Watch Japan’s 18 Air units and possible 30 unit strike on your main fleet , if you allow his fleet to join in. DDs are a must every turn to prevent this.
    Keep Japan’s navy from aiding an air attack on your combined Anzac/US fleet. Always block SZ6 getting to Hawaii. You will wear him down.

  • I agree with both of you, in our group games it seems more important to take away the Island national objective from Japan rather than liberate the Philippines. A landing in Europe is also a good strategy, but it seems like a war of attrition with Germany on an American beachhead is just as valuable as liberating Paris. However, it seems that the Allied strategy centers more around preventing the Axis from winning the game rather than the Allies going for their own victory in some way. here are a couple of new questions… does anyone see the value of an Allied strategy that targets an Axis capital? and in the post 1 scenario… is Java better to liberate and fight over than the Philippines?

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    Leave the Philippines alone. It can be reached directly from Japan(where there should be done navy and Air) and within reach of a probable AB or NB in Kiangsi(is it?). You would lose it and your navy get smashed.
    Deny Japan the money first. If Japan is  consistently earning 65-70, you have lost.

    The VP cities, as you asked, only matter when the Axis are one away(in Pacific especially).

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    I would definitely try to take Norway.  Its a painful loss for Germany especially if they lost their navy.  To take back that NO they will need to send units from Lenin back to Norway.  The wrong direction that they want to go.  Use strategies and tactics that pull units in the opposite direction that they were heading.

  • If the Philippines were added to the Japan National Objective for the south Pacific Islands, It may be better for the allies to liberate the Philippines.

    $5 NO to Japan for control of Philippines, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, and Celebes.

    Total gain for Japan = $17 income, + $5 national objective, + 1 victory city, + $5 NO denied to America

    No Japan $5 bonus without the Philippines as well, might be enough for the Americans to take back Philippines rather than Java for no reason but to deny the Japanese NO.

  • Nothing halts a German advance like Rome falling…

  • Just like in real WWII.

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