• since the dutch territories are allied can Anzac or british planes land on them while still dutch? What if Java is taken by the anzacs on turn 1, can the 2 planes from New Zealand land there the same turn?

  • Yes and yes.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. My gaming group would like to know if there are any other opinions out there or is this definitive?

  • Obviously I’m not an authority figure, but the Dutch are part of the allies at the start of the game, thus you can land planes there immediately just like you can land planes in India. The only special thing about them is that the Anzac or British can take control of them with ground units.

  • ChocolatePancake is perfectly right.

    See Pacific 2nd Ed. rulebook, top of page 9:


    These two powers [UK and ANZAC]
    also have an arrangement with the
    Dutch government in exile (Holland having been captured
    by Germany) and have taken guardianship of the Dutch
    territories in the Pacific. As a result, they are free to move
    units into these territories as a noncombat movement at any
    time, as long as they have not yet been captured by Japan.

    They may actually take control of them (gaining their IPC
    income) by moving land units into them. Additionally, the
    United Kingdom and ANZAC consider attacks against any
    Dutch territories to be acts of war against them directly.
    Once a Dutch territory has been captured by Japan,
    however, it may be captured and controlled by any power.

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