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Is This Alleged D-Day Footage Authentic?

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    I just came across this video clip…


    …which purports to be colour footage of “U.S. forces storming Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944.”  Frankly, I’m sceptical, mainly because these guys don’t seem to be “storming” anything: they’re strolling about quite casually or marching in neat columns, and nobody seems to be shooting at them.  The real Omaha Beach was a bloody shambles from the first minute.  This looks more like a training exercise – and not a particularly rigourous one at that.  The landing craft looks odd too; it’s definitely not a Higgins boat, but it may be a type with which I’m not familiar.  I’m also puzzled by those shiny things on the backpacks (or life jackets) of the troops: if I didn’t know the alleged context of the video, I’d have said that they look like patches of Scotchlite retro-reflector tape (which as far as I know didn’t exist in 1944).  Opinions?

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    If that is storming….most definitely strolling.
    I am one phone(and blind), so could not even make out if they were Americans. I am guessing you could see that at least. But if a con to call it what thy have done. They are not being shot at, so could be an exercise(a poor one) or a second wave at Utah.

    Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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    or a second wave at Utah.

    That was my thought too until I noticed that the beach looked almost pristine: there’s hardly anyone or anything around.  If this was the real Omaha Beach, it should be littered with dead bodies and wrecked equipment and the sand should be all messed up: footsteps, jeep tracks, shell holes and so forth.  Utah Beach, as you suggest, would be more credible, since there wasn’t the same level of carnage there…but even then, we should be seeing piles of supplies stacked all over the place if this was a second-wave landing, since getting stuff ashore to support the initial lodgment was very important.  The guys in this movie seems to be heading out for a weekend at Brighton Pier rather that invading Fortress Europe.  If the ground component of the First Gulf War had been conducted at that tempo, it would have been called Operation Desert Stroll.

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    It doesn’t look like anybody is in a hurry, so I don’t know what to make of it, to be honest.

  • It looks like a training exercise to me. I guess it could be a follow-on wave of troops landing on a section of beach that hasn’t really been touched since we don’t see a wide shot of the beach in question, just a smaller subsection of it. But to me it doesn’t appear to be thing it’s purported to be for the reasons listed above. Still a good find though.

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