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    I was wondering what you guys thought and how it might work. Feel free for suggestions.

    The year is 1944. The western allies have landed one of the largest amphibious assaults in history and have reoccupied France. The German front on the east is crumbling to the Soviet forces and are quickly retreating to the heart of Germany. While the situation looks bleak for the Nazis, Hitler still has one trick up his sleeve to win this war. Ever since the start of the war he has been supporting the development of atomic bombs to ensure the conquest of the world. While the conventional armies are fighting backwards against the Allied onslaught, no one knows that Germany’s nuclear program is nearly finished. Now so close to completion, the German army most delay the allied advance at all costs. Even though nukes may not even be enough to stop Germany’s defeat, the allies certainly will feel one last blow before they are done. The allies must stop this at all cost, however there are separate interests. The Soviets want the nuclear technology for themselves, having their own ambitions of conquest after the war. The western allies, if they ever hope to restore peace, most keep these out of Soviet hands, as well as put down Germany down as fast as they can.

    Now obviously this is a very ahistorical game, so maybe I’ll change the theme if this doesn’t work out.

    Anyways now this game would be played with a different turn order each turn. The allied powers will roll before the round to see who goes first. 1-3 would make the allies go first. 4-6 would allow the Soviets to go first. Germany always goes last.

    After that then the first power gets to move. I’m debating whether i should allow payment of new units or deploy predetermined reinforcements each turn. Maybe a bit of both. All the rest of the movement and combat will be like regular axis and allies. There will be several nuclear development spots in Germany that need to be taken. Probably 7 but havn’t made that on the map yet. For the an allied power to win, they most control at 4 of the facilities. Capturing Berlin will give a special bonus of sort, need to figure that out. If Germany doesn’t win, the game ends when all the research areas and Berlin are occupied. For Germany to win, they most gain a total of 25 nuclear points at the end of their turn. They receive one point from each development spot they hold each turn. Once that happens, game over, they win the game.

    So anyways, this is just an idea. Feel free to pitch anything that could be helpful. I just started making the map, so obviously that will be developed later. I’m going to carve out borders, and add cities later, this will just give a base idea. Feel free to comment on it.

    On second thought this should be in Axis and allies variants but whatever.

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  • Quite a late reply, but this would be an interesting way for HistoricalBoardGaming to introduce a “sequel” to their Amerika game. I actually find the idea of a losing war as Germany quite appealing, I had created a personal one for myself when I was younger. I’d prefer it though if it was a 4 player game, although the British and Americans had common goals, they also had conflicting ones too, and I feel that an ahistorical game like this should introduce this fact. Perhaps have a puppet Italy in there too.

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    I’m surprised someone looked at this after all this time. I considered putting alot of time into creating the board and hammering out rules but the lack of interest on this forum didn’t really inspire me to continue. I also would like to see such a game created though I think Hbg is working on Global War atm.

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