• I would love to know if you do something else on G2.  Please reply to this if you do.  Thanks!

  • i like to buy a transport and immediatly start africa stronghold wherever it is viable. the important thing is to lose the least amount of troops as possible so keep it strong and moving surely and with numbers…you hold the west with 2 on each western shore and all your troops and tanks on the borders of europe…dont lose eastern or western europe at all costs, you want to balance the defense on western by balancing your troops and tanks using the tanks as the candybait,if they take the western most of the 3 they will lose just enough for the other 2 to counter attack if they attack the 2 east most under karilia they will be easy picking on the counter attack…you want to be able to defend the eastern europe.you will never get naval superiority until late round 18 at least…if you try before then you will get crushed by russia…the longer you make the allies take to fortify karilia the better…dont worry about africa they wont be able to get the troops there until round 5…good luck

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