Axis and Allies 1941 Boardgame/Wargame for sale - $20

  • Axis and Allies 1941 Boardgame/Wargame for sale - $20. Excellent condition. Includes all pieces. Only played once. Great game. Great deal. This is a must have if you’re a collector. If you’re new to Axis and Allies, this is a must have. Great starter game for folks or kids new to Axis and Allies games. I’ve been playing A&A for 28 years. I started off on the original A&A game. My son is 16. He started playing this game a few years ago. We played it once, then he moved to the TripleA version online. He started to learn the Axis and Allies games using this version. He has now progressed on to A&A 1942 2nd Edition version. Will send you pics if you PM me your email address or phone number. Will send to you if you pay for shipping.

  • I have lowered the price to $15.

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