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    So im tinkering with G40 map. The IPC will change, what map changes do you see that are needed.

    Note I will add the Maldives.

    I redrew the land areas in some cases because oob looked terrible, but that also means some differences where areas are adjacent.

  • I love it, much better than the OOB.

    I am your old buddy Eagle, so I would like to see territories that have high mountains and swamps cut in a way that they affect the play.

    France and Northern Italy should not be adjacent, even if it is for playability. If you look at a real map, you see the high impassable Alps stand as a stone wall and stop all movement. I like the A&A Europe 1999 ed map, where Vichy France, Switzerland, Austria and Jugoslavia would make natural flank protection to Northern Italy. The Brenner Pass is a bottleneck, you know.

    I would also like to see a territory between Southern France and mainland Spain, modeling the Pyrenees mountain range, Norway should be cut in two or three, Turkey too, and Caucasus should get cut in two, modeling the mountain range.

    I attached two pics, but must run, come back to you tomorrow

    Europe_relief_laea_location_map1-1024x875 (4).jpg

  • I post a terrain map of Europe, so you see the mountain ranges I am talking bout


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