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Good round one move for the Americans?

  • So i had an idea for the first round move for the American army and i wanted to hear what people thought:
      In round one, move the fighter and bomber over to the british controlled Gibraltar (this plan is scraped if the Germans take Gibraltar over by transporting troops from southern Europe there…). From there, on turn two the fighter and bomber could easily attack Western Europe along with a coordinated Fighter+bomber attacks from united Kingdom that would soften up Western Europe so that an invasion force could land there.

    I am sure that i am not the only one that thought of this but let me know your thoughts on this opening round strategy :?

  • the airplanes would be fair game, and you can’t attack at the same time with the US as with the UK
    on the other hand, it’s the question whether that would divert the german offensive, and if that’s your goal, it might be an idea…

  • I feel like the combined efforts of the Britsh/American air strikes would force the Germans to reinforce Western Europe, taking some of the pressure off the Russians.  I feel like this would necessary for at least a longer Russian survival…

  • If the Germans moved their airforce to the east on G1 then Gibraltar should be safe to land at. Anyway, you should already be attacking German North Africa if the British didn’t kill it, so landing that fighter and bomber in Gibraltar should be the logical option.

    And yes, a good UK/US air force can really cause troubles for the Germans in the east. That said I tend to have Britian square off against Japan and bring over the Americans to pester Germany.

  • you are correct sir.  If the British can manage to take North Africa it would serve as a better station for the American planes since they both could attack southern and Western europe if need be.

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