• How much do N.As influence your strategy.

  • I’m not sure precisely what your question is. I think rolling a crappy NA and the enemy rolling a great NA will definitely skew the overall battle - say if Germany gets Panzerblitz (crappy) and Japan gets Dug-In Defenders (useless, I’ve never seen a Japan player get infantry on his islands to defend, and US usually has battleships to bombard your infantry before they fire, and Japan itself is not an island so….), but UK gets Colonial Garrison, Russia gets Salvage, and US gets either Chinese Divisions or Superfortresses, then the Axis is generally going to lose.

    Are you asking how much NAs change your build orders/attack strategies or how much it influences the overall game balance?

    I don’t think you ever should roll for NAs. They’re really not equally as good as each other so I think it’s better overall if you somehow choose NAs, like choose 1-2 good ones or get the rest of the crappy ones. It is fun to do something like roll for an NA but don’t reveal it until you use it for surprise, but this can get you really stupid NAs you never use.

  • What you say is very true indeed.

  • With regards to rolling crappy NAs, my clique has come up with a plan for that. We decide which one NA we would REALLY want, and then roll for two NAs. If either of our rolls end up as the one we chose, we would get only that one. If not, then we get whichever NAs we actually rolled. OR another way would be to choose two that we really want, and then roll for three, or even four. If you get the two you chose, then you get just those two, etc., etc.

    But yes, I put that it’s a big part of my strategy, because the NA I get will affect what units I lean toward (Wolf Packs, Bonzai Attacks, etc.) Remember, also, that the NA you get can be combined with techs to further enhance your forces. (See “Tech/NA Combos” thread) In the above case of getting two NAs, you can make combinations there, too. Think of how hard it might be to take out Germany if they have Fortress Europe AND Atlantic Wall. D-Day would be SO much harder to pull off!

    Just my two cents… 😉

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