• So I am in the middle of a game playing as Germany and Japan.  Germany has conquered Africa, the Middle East, and most of Russia.  Japan has conquered all of Asia including India, Australia, and the east Indies.  The only territory Russia has is Moscow with two tanks and an infantry.  I have three German tanks and an infantry in eastern Russia ready to invade.  Unfortunately, the British have landed in Western Europe with an infantry, bomber, tank, and fighter.  In Germany I have three tanks.  In the Pacific, Australia is surrounded by the American navy with two tanks and an infantry as the Japanese defense.  In addition, the Americans have liberated Borneo and the East Indies. The remaining Japanese units are in Japan (two tanks, a fighter, and six infantry) and the Caucasus (two infantry). The next turn will be Russia’s.  My general idea is to rebuild the Japanese navy, fortify my territory in southeast Asia, conquer Moscow, and stop the British landing in Western Europe.  Any strategy tips for how I should proceed?

  • Well, there are better strategists on this forum than I, but I’ll open replies.  IMHO, as Germany, I would stomp out the UK foothold on mainland Europe. Reasoning that by your description the UK is starving out of $ and will not be able to build formidable reinforcements. Additionally Russia sounds to be in that same position however their capital means nothing in terms of winning. That and Germany sounds to be wealthy enough to easily recuperate the ground units lost in reclaiming the west.

    As for Japan, I would personally turtle on the islands until Germany “cleanses” all of Europe and can work toward a naval force to assist. When Japan turtles (builds infantry on japan) it is very difficult for anyone to build a strong enough invasion force. Then, with Germany in the fray, japan can take the chance to build a navy.

    All is MY OPINION and I’m sure more skilled and experienced players can give better advice.

  • the allies cannot win with russia so heavily crushed. The gain in IPC’s for both the axis countries should ensure victory. As germany, take the rest of russia in order to close that theater, even if you lose another West europe germany. After closing that front, focus entirely on GB and take back Europe. You should be able to do this with the gain of IPC’s. Build your navy and keep using the economy to your advantage. Obviously you have more IPC’s than britain, which means you should be able to slowly overrun them. As japan, a navy would serve well to repulse the Americans. BUT make sure you don’t lose japan. So before you build a navy, make sure you have adequate defense on your mainland, and make sure the americans can’t land in Asia (screw Australia, you can take that back, not important) Once you are secure from landings. Use your IPC’s you took from Russia and the Middle east to build a navy that can cleanse your waters. With Both axis focusing on a Navy, you will be able to take the war to their doorstep by giving yourself an offensive fleet that can land troops onto the American continents while forcing the allies to play defensively

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