Had Stonewall Jackson been unharmed at Chancellorsville

  • How would Jackson have faired leading either one of the best Confederate Armies?

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    Morning Worsham.
    Jackson would have remained one of Lee’s two Inf Corps commanders and led the  vanguard into Maryland, then Pennsylvania(as Ewell did).

    Jo Johnston was the man Davis sent to supervise and with the authority to command the force at Vicksburg. He chose to sit it out with a small force of 15000 at nearby Jackson though.
    Johnston proved an able leader throughout the war and especially so on the defensive (he was an engineer like Lee) when faced by the excellent Sherman in 64, but he did not have the courage to remove Pemberton(or supersede) him when he had the chance.
    He was the second ranking field General in the Confederacy and the authorities should have given him Vicksburg. Possibly more directly. Pemberton was not incompetent, just out
    Of his depth. Unfortunately, he had the stigma(to some) of being a Northerner.
    Vicksburg’a fall was calamitous and its consequences not appreciated at the time.

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    Talk about “what ifs”.
    If Jackson had been present for Lee’s second Northern invasion and had he commanded half Lee’s powerfully motivated ANV and things gone better for the South at Gettysburg(if there had been one), would Bragg have needed removing after Missionary Ridge as such a calamitous reverse might never have occurred?
    Grant may already have been in the East and a lesser man commanding the Army of the Cumberland(Rosy). Bragg was well loved and supported by Davis. He may well have finished the war commanding the fabulously brave and aggressive Army of Tennessee.
    The Army may even have survived intact and never having been commanded by a man, out of his depth strategically and logistically, such as Hood.
    Chancellorsville. Was it the South’s pyrrhic  victory?

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