Potential major House rule- need help identifying potential balance issues

  • So in order to bring in an extra level of strategy (as well as speed up the game a bit) my freinds and I are contemplating a major house rule- Everyone takes their turns at the same time.  But not vocally.  Sure people can say, talk, feint all they want.  But officially everyone wrights their turns down on paper (X tanks move in to attack _____, etc).  We are thinking this could be beneficial by A) It becomes even more crucial to predict your opponents moves as that potentially weak spot might get reinforced, etc.  and B) Less waiting to do anything.

    And France might actually get to do something (sarcasm).

    Do you A&A global guru’s see any major unbalancing issues this could cause?

  • Interesting idea, and would make for one hell of a night……but if every power had to take the time to write down every move, it might take a while unless they know short hand LOL. Plus it could even slow things down more in the thinking department because now you have so many more what if’s…  All hands on deck moving units around afterwards could cause a frenzy too (going to need some kind of order).

    I know some people do an all axis/all allied turn order, maybe look into that

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