1942SE, looking for a good opponent

  • Could be PBEM, by forum or in real time, I’m up for anything.

    To give you an idea where I’m coming from, I played Classic and Revised to death and have played a few games of 1942SE. I dominate locally but have never played online. I’ve tried TripleA a bit against myself to get used to the interface and I think I’m comfortable enough with it to try an online game (the only thing I hate about it is that it lets you lose your planes instead of reminding you it’s illegal to leave them in attacked territories or sea zones without carriers, gotta look out for that). I hope I can find someone here who can beat me without having to give them a 20-IPC handicap. In fact, I’d rather lose than win (that way I’ve learned something), but I’ll do everything I can to win!

    Any takers?

  • Are you still looking for opponents?

  • I sure am!

    I lost my first online game to MarineIguana playing in real time (made some mistakes trying to play fast and every second bombing raid I lost a bomber). I destroyed a friend in play by email. I’m currently in a game with Guerrillero using play by forum.

    I could play you in either one of those 3 ways, your call. I much prefer total victory but everything else I leave up to you.

  • Play by Forum via TripleA is best. What map do you use in TripleA? Also, my understanding is there is a bid to help the Allies balance the game. I’ve never played 1942.2 before. I’d prefer to play the Allies the first time. I’ll PM you with a bid.

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