• I enlarged the axis and allies world war I game board by twice it’s size….  I also purchased all the pieces needed to play the game with out any chips… I also invented a house rule to be used starting on the second turn and to last for the whole game.
    Where the allies and central powers take their turns together…
    THE GAME. …M

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    Do tell, do tell!

  • “Where the allies and central powers take their turns together…”

    1. I think it would really speed up the game play (I find our games sometimes drag on till the wee hours of the morning)
    2. I’m thinking about the devastating triple hit on Russia. Do you think she could survive ?

    I’'d be curious to hear more about your enlarged map, was it hand drawn and do you have any pics? I make some D&D maps and am always looking for new ideas. I’ve lent my maps out and don’t have any photos, sorry.
    What sort of results have you had with your  CP / Entente alternating turns? It sounds like it would be one huge cluster . . . .  attack every single turn with little chance of the defender surviving a 3 (or up to 5) on 1 engagement.
    I liked in A&A D-Day where both US and UK troops move simultaneously.

    May the dice stay hot,
    Starlight Sniper

  • I have a picture of the game enlarged with all the pieces and not one poker chip was used… How do I posted here for all to see ?

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    All together is too much.

    I prefer 4 phases:

    1. Germany

    2. Russia, USA

    3. Austria, Turkey

    4. France, UK, Italy

    The Russia/USA pairing is based on the inclusion of the rule that USA does not join the war until Russian first collapse (Czar abdicates). Also, America did not co-operate fully with the western allies, insisting on forming its own army formations under independent command. It was never fully part of the Allies, but an “associated power”.

  • uh no….You need to reread your history…

    The US didn’t want  US Soldiers Filling Depleted
    French and British units.  Pershing under direct order
    From Wilson demanded and pushed
    For an independent US Army under
    US Control… He did as an Ally release American units on the divisional level to help the French during the second
    Battle of the Marne…

    At Belleau Wood the Marines wrote a beautiful page in US military History and for their reward. … A most great full french ally renamed the Battle field… “the Wood of the Marine”

    And further more “all together” is not to much… Every player is working together and not sitting around… I run games at conventions and what you don’t want is players sitting there waiting for their turn…

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    Doesn’t it give a huge advantage to whichever side goes first?

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    I have noticed that a lot of similarly themed games have the CPs go first. The basic turn order does not bother me, but I’m more in favor of six months/turn representation. So countries like Italy, etc. would not come into the picture for a while. To offset this, you could bring in smaller powers like Romania or Bulgaria with “larger than neutral” armies at various points (i.e. pick a turn akin to year of entrance into the war). I will never give up on an independent Bulgaria!  😄

    Though a bit concerned about disrupting the play order, I must agree that waiting for someone else to take their turn while I do nothing is very boring. Evern more so at a gaming con.

  • the way I run the game is like this….

    for game turn 1 I follow the turn sequence as specified in the rules…

    this represents all the nations declaring war mobilizing and then movin out to conduct combat operations…

    for game turn two I have all the countries that represent the Central Powers take their turn together once they’re done then I have all the countries that represent the Allies take their turn together…

    this speeds up the game… we have big battles…all players are actively involved in the game when one side Is moving the other side is observing and then formulating a counter move.

    what does does is build camaraderie within the club and has everybody working together and it’s fun

    it works perfectly…and nobody is sitting around with nothing to do while waiting for their turn…

  • Sounds very interesting and I would like to playtest this myself. I suspect this will help the turks counter britain in a much larger extent. However I am concern about the impact on Russia as they would absolutly no chance of repelling a joint strike in Round2 before Russia acts by Germany and AH. Germany will hit Poland with 25 inf + 9 art + 1 plan and AH would as usual 31 inf(appr, depends on the strike in Romania r1)+8 art+ 1plan on Ukrane would be devasting.
    Also The turks would have an army in Romania in T2 before russia acts as well…
    I dont see a chance in hell for Russia to hold Moscow by turn 4.

  • In our  game russia’s surviving……

    right now austria-hungary is bogged down in a quagmire in Italy And Albania…

    the Germans just took a mass of casualties on the Western Front and are bogged down…

    France right now is trying to rally troops and build a reserve to save paris…

    We start game turn 3 next week

  • I 'm Very embarrassed to ask this how does mediafire work I was looking at it I tried to sign up for It… I’m confused because I have a  lot of nice pictures of the game I just did…

    I enlarged  the game and with those extra pieces it really looks good… I want to show everybody

    also I plan to run this at " Fall in" at Lanaster Pennsylvania in November. Fall in is a convention run by the historical miniatures game society HMGS East

    I also don’t ever turn anyone away from a game I run all will be welcome to play Who show up

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    get account and upload the map pictures, then click the link and repost here.


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    I second that.

    Insert Mediafire where the sun don’t shine.

  • I am working on correcting the picture problem….

    my War game Group is into the third week of playing  and we’ll be starting game turn 10 next week…

    Russia was able to survive until game turn 7
    Then the Russian revolution started…

    Italy is still hanging tough and fighting for control of Rome.

    The allies are moving forward and marching to Berlin. …

    Next week should determine the game…

  • First…

    Does anyone know how I can get a copy of the world war I map
    that was updated by “Ramstien” the article was done under Axis and allies Customizations…

    The map was done on vinyal and it looks “OUTSTANDING”


    Tonight will be the fourth nite of Axis and allies W.W.I 1914…
    at our club in Reading PA…(READING AREA WARGAMERS)

    with the changes I made it has been a “BLAST”…

    I stongly urge everyone to have the players move by sides…

    start game turn one off as normal, each country taking their turns in order as specified in the rule book…

    what this does is represent the countries mobilizing and initiating their prewar plans…

    then when game turn two begins have the central powers execute their turn as a team first…

    have Germany, Austria Hungry, and the Ottoman Empire all:

    purchase/repair units, move, combat, mobilze, and collect income at the same time…

    Then have the Allies do the same thing for their second half of their turn.

    What this does is: Speed up the game, have big battles, the players
    are all working togther and actively engaged…


    It also facilitates team building…

    we start the 14th turn tonight and there have been battles that have raged back and forth all over the game board…

    I also purchased extra pieces from Historical Board gamer and not one “POKER CHIP WAS USED” !!!

    ( I am a wargamer who only plays with toy soldiers!!! not poker chips)

    also Is there any way other than media fire to up load pics…

    question: for the Brits shouldn’t there be a “Cairo and an Alexadria” for their Army and Navy to operate out of the “Med.” just like Bombay in India?

    we already know that Moscow is not the capital of Russia but St. Petersburg is… Should I make these changes…

    My map that was enlarged was laminated so I could make stickers
    and correct these problems…


  • I DID IT…






  • I saw your pic on the FB page. Where did you have the map printed?

  • I used a private photographer
    And with his vast resources I was able to enlarge it…
    I also vowed not to reveal this talent so he won’t
    Get sued for copy right infringement

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