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    Hope Italy is in position to help def Europe, and Japan is making headway in the Russian back lands and Caucasus……

    Certainly helps and it requires a strong Japanese land army. The same above statement is true for Japan ofc: Setting up a Japanese army that is able to keep Russia turtled will take away from its Pacific campaign.

    Yeah, in some games Germany will let Italy take S. France so they are responsible for defense there. Takes a little of the expense off of Germany. There have been a couple of games where Italy lost it’s fleet and just couldn’t get to Africa or the Middle East, so they started just producing infantry and shucking them all along the western coast. While Germany protected W Germany, Denmark and Norway, Italy had troops from Holland all the way down to S Italy. Of course, even just producing infantry, Italy could only produce so much since they only had about 13 IPCs per turn with no NOs thanks to England (not even the Med NO).

    I hate to say this, but I think the guys I play with are possibly on the weaker side concerning strategies and such. In all humility, I think I am the best of all of us in coming up with winning strategies. The reason I say this is after reading some of the strategy ideas some of you guys have come up with. Some of these things none of us would have even thought of.
    One example is the US taking Spain, which might be a pretty good idea for the Allies. In our games, we pretty much leave the strict neutrals alone all the time. There have been a few games where the Axis will attack certain strict neutrals but the Allies never do that.
    I am curious as to how some of our games would go if a couple of you guys joined the table with some of your rather “unique” ideas.

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