• I like the description of those strategies!

    Never called it like that but according to your descriptions I turn out to be a copy ninja/balanced hybrid ;-).

  • '16 '15 '10

    I don’t think USA has any choice except to face Japan and spend a minmum of 75-80% of its income in the Pacific, at least for the first few turns.  If USA spends “goes KGF” in the style of Revised or Anniversary then you are looking at a Japanese VC win early in the game.  It’s better to neutralize Japan asap and then turn everything on the Western Axis.  Determining exactly when to turn (and leaving Japan in the hands of Anzac and China) is critical.  That said, USA still needs an Atlantic fleet–a pure KJF is an easy with for Western Axis.

  • I also find the that the USA is very difficult to play. How does the convoy stratgy work? How does the tech developement work?

  • TripleA

    I take 99 infantry as a bid for central usa. I lose. That is how I play USA

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