SBR's as NA's?

  • I was unable to sleep tonight and suddently an idea came to my mind. I don’t think the game truly reflects the importance of SBR’s. Superfortresses were primarily designed for strategic bombardment, not tactical battles as we always use them in the game (or do we….hummm?)

    So, I thought of the following rule:

    Strategic bombing raids
    The mighty 8th air force conducted tousands of sorties against German industry throughout the war, inflicting considerable losses to the Reich’s economy.
    For every bomber present on the United Kingdom territory, the German player must surrender 2 IPC’s from his money to the bank at the begining of his turn. This rule is similar to the “U boote interdiction” rule. Bombers can conduct tactical battles as normally but they must land on UK territory for the rule to take effect on the next turn.

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