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    Please use this thread to post your proposed or effective Allies armies. Be sure to include how many points your army is.

  • playing a 167 game right now my allied force is 2shermans, 1easy eight, 3jeeps, 3arty ,3machinegunners, 1mortor, 1m4rifleman , 1reddevil


  • sorry for the big pic

  • Nice photo!

    I can see an armoured car with very bad things in its future…

    How do you get on playing without a hex map? How do you deal with movement?

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    Please do no include large pictures inline in the messages. Linking to external pictures is fine.

  • for movement were kind of doing battletech mini rules. 1inch = one hex and for firing we double the distance 2inch for every 1hex. soo 8hex long range is now 16inches. Its working out really well alot better then the maps starter kits come with. Line of sight just if you can see the target you can hit it. if your in a hills double cost for movement if your in them and you get your cover if you make the roll and same with the trees. Need too come up with a better system for roads tho, tape just isn’t cutting it

  • Last Thursday I played this army:

    USA - M1 Garand x3
    USA - “Red Devil” Captain
    USA - Jeep x2
    UK - SMLE No. 4
    UK - 6-Pounder Antitank x2
    UK - Vickers MG Team
    UK - Humber Scout Car x2
    USSR - T-34/76

    Despite my crappy roles during the game I managed to hold on and almost win, despite losing my T-34 to a Tiger-I.

    Some key things that I learned during the game were that cover is very important. The Jeeps were useful to get soldiers to the front very fast.

    The Humber Scout Cars are good but just don’t leave them out in the open for attack, that’s what makes the strike and fade very useful.

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