Alternate Setups: Classic, AAE, AAP, D-Day, AAA, Bulge, 42.2, Global, WWI 1914

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    Wow. That is excellent work. Thank you for your time in doing this and sharing with us.

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    Edit: I tried to post a photo but it says the file is too large.

    Copy and paste the photo into a program like Microsoft Paint, which is handy if you don’t have PhotoShop because it’s simple to use and it’s a standard Windows accessory.  Trimming away the parts of the picture you don’t need (like the blank table and floor and wall spaces outside the map) helps to save space. The maximum file size to aim for is 1536 KB, which is the largest attachment the board allows.  If simple trimming isn’t sufficient, shrink the picture size a bit with the Resize function and re-save it.  Alternately, click the magnifying glass icon, then right-click your mouse to shrink the picture, then take a screen capture with the PrintScreen button, paste the capture into a new Paint window and trim away the parts you don’t need.  That sometimes works better than the Resize function, quality-wise.

  • Make a setup of 1939 for global please. 😢

  • Yes……a Global 1939 setup would be awesome

  • need a setup for A&A Europe 2nd edition 1941 and A&A Pacific 2nd edition 1941

  • '19

    Playing the 1943 setup right now for global but only with the pacific 1940 theatre.  It’s really fun so far and things are getting very interesting.  Islands such as New Britian, New Guniea, Dutch New Guniea are very important in this setup.  Just like they were historically.  I like how you put lots of troops in the Solomon’s and there’s a lot of things going on around the south pacific just like there was in 1943. Good Job 🙂

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    Thank you. I will look into it in more detail  later.
    I would have liked Northern Italy’s income to have been given to Germany, representing the Puppet Government which existed. Possibly even eliminating Italy from play!
    First thing I noticed, is how similar the countries’ incomes are to each other and to the 42 set up.

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    I was thinking the same thing, Wittman. That income would be put to use to at least allow Germany to put up a more stubborn defense.

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    Maybe both German factories should have some damage (maybe Italy and France too) and the Japanese Islands could have a Sub off them. Japan’s income could then be 10 less and Germany’s first priority would be to repair.
    I will try to set it up on AAA and play with a friend here.
    I will report back.

  • very nice…although can u create a 1941 setup just  for A&A PAcific 1940…or would i just use the PAcific powers in the global setup…just cutting it in half and jsut give the USA their normal starting IPCs when they are at war?

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    Few comments on Classic 1939 setup:

    I appreciate that game balance is a priority, but politically:

    Persia should be neutral

    West Indies should be either US (Cuba/Puerto Rico) or UK (Jamaica etc.)

    UK has no units in South Africa?

    I do not understand the proposed non-aggression pact. If Russia & Japan are free to attack each other at any time how is it a non-aggression pact? I would prefer something like:

    Japan will not attack USSR unless either UK or USA have been defeated/lost their capital OR, if it is at war with USSR it will not attack UK/USA;
    USSR will not attack Japan while at war with any other major power.

    Maybe it also needs Nazi-Soviet pact: Germany will not attack Russia until France has fallen…

    Not having an industrial complex is a huge handicap for France; in 1939 they had a bigger army, Navy and air force than Germany and more and better tanks. What they lacked was motivation and any idea how to use modern weapons tactically.

    If you want the possibility of a historical German conquest of France, you have to represent it with something along the lines of French units defending at 1 as per Japan rule. But then, Germany might want to turn east first… If France is already at war do we assume that the Germans are already in Poland? If Hitler believed France and Britain would declare war he’d never have invaded Poland…

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    Will be interested to see a June 1916 setup:

    Germany occupies Poland & Belgium, and contests Picardy, Lorraine & Livonia; it has lost all colonies bar GEA which it still contest with British forces.

    Austria occupies Serbia & contests Albania with Italy.

    Bulgaria has joined the CPs; Romania remains neutral (DW August).

    Turkey is coming under threat with the Russians & British contesting “Mesopotamia”; and the Arabs on the verge of revolt (June).

    Portugal has joined the Allies (March).


    move forward to September:

    Romania has joined the Allies, the Arab revolt has begun.

    A massive Russian offensive has led to Galicia being contested with the Austrians.

    Meanwhile the British (contesting Picardy with the Germans) are preparing to use a new weapon for the first time…

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    Thanks again Midnight Express. Lots of people want a 39 set up, so I hope your work will appease them.

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    Thanks for the set ups MidnightExpress!

    Here’s a triplea mod of your 1939 set up. There are a few player enforced rules:

    The start date is accurate so all turn related events occur correctly. The italians begin the game neutral. If uk, anzac or france declares war you will have to edit the DOW and vice versa.

    Paratroopers are limited however the game will allow you to use as many as you have bombers.

    When russia takes eatern poland on turn 1 you will have to roll for the polish infantry manually and edit accordingly. You will also have to edit the control of vyborg. baltic states and bessarabia on turn two. When adv mech infantry and adv artillery (renamed extra artillery) become available the game will allow you to purchase as many as possible.

    The game will allow germany to purchase as many adv mech infantry as possible. The techs germany, uk and usa receive later in the game will have to be edited.

    The game will allow usa and japan to purchase as many marines as possible.

    The objectives panel doesn’t pop up but you will still be told what objectives you obtained at the end of your turn.

    This hasn’t been tested much but seems to work properly so keep an eye out for illegal game play. I haven’t played a game yet but I’m going to start one after this post 🙂 You’ll notice china doesn’t have a fighter so as MidnightExpress points out this being a house rule edit according to taste. Below is the game xml and a saved game edited to start. Thanks again MidnightExpress. Hopefully this will encourage more people to try your set up.


    PS: norway, denmark, poland, eastern poland, vyborg, baltic states and bessarabia appear as true neutrals but work correctly. Also you should be able to edit this to any of MidnightExpress’s other global set ups

    PSS: Italy receives the NO for control of the med when not at war which it shouldn’t.

    Well their appears to be a problem with how adv mech and mech are working. I’ll see if I can straighten it out.

    Everything seems to be working now but that’s what I thought earlier:)

    Oops! Forgot the new units you’ll need. I’ll post them below;

    Moved to newer post

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    Right On MidnightExpress!

    Work nights hence the name? 🙂 Anyway I’m currently in turn 3. Is a lot of fun just with the countries being different and the tech options as well. A couple early observations: I attacked france round two and you want to bring the house! I took holland turn one and uk counter attacked and got it back. They had to dunkirk their way out after paris fell. Uk radar seems a little too potent early on. I’m thinking of trying turn 4 or 5 activation so germany can have a round or two to bomb if they want.

    I thought russia would get too strong but now I see they need to get towards china or japan is gonna steamroll them. Fortunately they’ve got the dudes to do it. Their up 20 on germany right now.Looks italy is gonna blow up egypt so brits will have to retreat south I’m thinking. Russia has some dudes in the caucasus as well. Italy had early success in north africa and I can see the historical play. Was really surprised how the dunkirk thing worked out but was way cool.

    Anyway I won’t ramble too much longer but am having a lot of fun. I saw your set up when you first posted it and wanted to give it a try. I’m not fortunate enough to have a group to play with or enough room to leave the board up. So triplea is pretty much my only option. I don’t know a lot about it. I just try to copy what’s there and hope for the best.


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    HI Midnight

    Well Barbarossa finally happened. Germany waited till turn 6 and it looks pretty close on the eastern front. Russia play has been a lot more dynamic. It’s fun not to have to be mostly full on D all the time. They definitely have to honor the Japanese threat. They might be a little overpowered but I’ll post my thoughts about that later.

    Italy screwed up in Africa and lost their fleet. Then they had a bad attack against Egypt. Oh well they still made 20 last turn.

    Japan blew up China by turn 4  and got the ball rolling turn 5. They took some significant marine casualties but conquered Phillipines, Malaya, Hong Kong and Java. That wasn’t enough tho so they attacked Russia too. They’re deep in the Soviet Union with a 15 unit army in Novosibirsk. Their bloodlust was so high they foolishly attacked Amur and pissed off the Mongolians. India has a 3 or 4 unit advantage over their main army in Yunnan but lots of mobile infantry keeps the situation under control.

    US has a pretty sizeable fleet in Oahu. Their bomber fleet is up to 5 with 4 stationed in Hawaii and one wing in Eastern US. Hawaii also has the entire USMC and they are chomping at the bit.

    England has maintained their original fleet but has had to deal with a major German U-Boat campaign which has made it unable to do any serious offensive actions against Hitler. They also had to go to Gibralter and land some of there limited manpower there and in North Africa to keep Italy in line which put them out of position.

    Australia has instituted conscription and is putting all their men into the army and RAAF. They might get a sub next turn.

    France still has two cruisers and destroyers with a transport and a dude. Just enough to make the Axis think about it. They almost activated Greece to boost their army to 5 but Britain would have none of that.

    Germany said screw the radar and successfully bombed UK turn 5. Two tacs and a strategic got through unscathed and caused 3 damage to both bases and 6 to the factory. The Wehrmacht is more mechanized heavy then they would like, but they’re in it now.

    All in all it’s been a blast playing with the new units, techs and countries.  I’m probably  a low to intermediate global player but here are a few impressions. Japan and USSR are probably a little overpowered. Britain and Germany seem pretty good although I’d take away a UK transport at Scapa Flow. US seems pretty good. I gave Wake a AB so I could get a fighter to the Phillipines. I wanted to send a bad ass radar gun there and sent a dude and destroyer as well.  Figured might as well send a fighter too. I know Halsey was transporting planes there when Pearl Harbor happened so it seems historical.  China, UK Pacific and ANZAC could probably use a minor bump. France seems pretty good. Was fun to actually play them for a turn. Might want to have a little more infrastructure. I like the fact that countries have to build infrastructure. Reflects the time period. It might be a little much for ANZAC and lower income earners to afford though. Maybe have a AB or NB activate on turn 6 or 8 or so. They wouldn’t have to spend the money but wouldn’t have it right away.

    Anyway I’m rambling now. Have you had a chance to set up triplea? The map looks really cool. I went ahead and changed some of the bigger neutrals so they have a fighter, artillery or tank. Just gives it a different look:)  Your set up has multiple possibilities. That’s what’s so cool about it. I’ll ramble some more in a few days.


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    Minor thing, but in the 1939 and 1940 setups for Global, should the Belgian Congo also belong to the Dutch/Belgians? Can then be activated by the UK once they fall, just forces some more legwork for them.

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    Turn 11 report

    Things are getting ready to nut up now!

    Germany is preparing to launch their first V-rockets. Uk infrastructure is gonna be in for a hard time. UK has been trading control of Norway and Denmark but Germany finally pushed them out. UK counter attacked in Holland and  Normandy but are still facing rocket attacks from France,West Germany and Norway. England was able to draw off 10 units from Leningrad with their repeated Norway attacks preventing Germany from a blitzkrieg attack on Russia.

    With key Italian victories in Western Ukraine and Belarus, Germany is poised to launch their long awaited blitzkrieg attack. While the outcome is in doubt, the new me 262’s entering the battlefield could prove the deciding factor. Germany’s U-boats have been contained since rd 7, but with the promise of Herr Speer of a soon to be super sub,confidence is growing.

    The Soviet Union has more than proved their mettle. Facing simultaneous attacks from Germany and Japan, She has successfully counter attacked and was even able to bring China back to life. Although being slowly pushed back by the dual onslaught the arrival of advanced artillery and mechanized units have boosted her power and flexibility. Being able to successfully hold Archangel, in combination with the British blockade, She has had a consistent income.

    Japan has been in a naval arms race with the US and is being pressured hard in the New Guinea, Java zones. Marines from both sides have seen a lot of action. Her offensive in the Soviet Far East is going well, currently being in Buryatria. However Soviet paratrooper assisted counterattacks have forced Her to retreat in Northwest China. Her main fleet is in the Phillipines while the US with minor ANZAC help is in NSW. India is starting to project some power towards Yunnan, but so far Japanese air and naval threat have kept Her in check.

    The US has been primarily focused on Japan, but has a small carrier fleet with cruiser destroyer presence outside of Gibralter along with a bomber. A coordinated attack with UK against Germany is being recommended by General Marshall. With a strong presence in NSW, with additional forces in Pearl Harbor and Western US, the tide is slowly turning. The soon to be arrival of long range B-29s has US confidence high.

    Italy has prevented allied blockade attacks and until last turn collected the Med bonus. Doesn’t look like she’ll be doing either any more. The remnants of her African Army fought well only being eliminated rd 10. With no previous Mediterranean threat She was able to concentrate on air and mechanized forces for key eastern front attacks.

    UK has prepared for rocket attacks by stacking England with heavy land builds. The survival of her original fleet continues to provide  options for amphibious attacks. Africa is finally under control with a factory built last turn in Egypt. A few mechanized units and a fighter have made it to India.

    ANZAC’s Royal Navy was overruled and She spent 30 bucks on AB, NB upgrades. Her US Allies refused to sail otherwise. Her income has been back and forth but fortunate enough to have a few 15 dollar rounds.

    France has been " chomping at the bit" to get back in the fight, but strategic common sense has held her back. She still has two cruisers,destroyers, a transport and a dude. Biding her time.

    Fun Stuff Midnight!
    Really starting to like the fact you have to buy infrastructure. Not only historical to a large degree, but limits your movements which… well yeah changes lot’s of things:)
    It’s not like the first time playing Global 40. It’s like the first time playing '39 🙂

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    Here are the new  units you’ll need. If you’re not familiar with triplea you need to open triplea (latest version is 1804) open maps, open wwII global zip,open units.and place accordingly. The xml goes in the games folder which is next to the units folder.

    PS: You’ll need to put the UK units in all three of the UK unit folders.

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    Did some fine tuning. All the tech units are now limited. Russian adv mech will allow you to buy 8 instead of 2. Instead of limiting paratroopers I limited the number of bombers that carry them. They have the same abilities as regular bombers. Remember you have to have the right techs turned on for them to work.

    Italy still starts neutral but you’ll have to edit her to war. She also collects the med bonus when not at war which she shouldn’t.

    Russia has to manually roll the eastern poland battle. She’ll have to edit control also as well as for baltic states, vyborg and bessarabia.

    New saved game coming.

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    End game report

    Was a little anti-climatic ending. Germany made a strong frontal attack on Bryansk with a flanking blitz out of leningrad.
    It was highly successful. However in true Teuton arrogance didn’t honor the threat to the homeland. A US task force managed to take Denmark allowing a British invasion of Berlin.
    Not only did she not defend Denmark sufficiently, she failed to concentrate her forces when she scrambled from W Germany.
    While Italian air and mech forces were able to retrieve the situation, the Axis never wielded the initiative again.

    Japan was doing pretty well north of Mongolia with a strong force in Yenisey She was still trading for the islands but had never been able to mount a serious India attack.
    Decisive battle between the fleets still hadn’t happened.

    Long range allied air was making a difference, especially US paratroopers.

    Had a blast playing but deviated from your setup by forgetting to activate shipyards. I’ve started a new game since and needless to say it’s made a difference.
    I added a few extra guys to China but left everything else the same. So far it’s been pretty similar strategically except no sino-soviet  conflict in Amur until rd 10.
    Allies have the edge at the end of rd 11. Axis aren’t done yet but need a couple big victories to change momentum.

    We’ll see how this one plays out, but I think I’ll try a earlier Japan attack and focus on India next game. A KGF looks like it could be devastating so I think I’ll try that too.
    Having Fun Midnight! Let me know how you and your buddy are making out. :)P

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    Hi Midnight

    Got '39 dialed in some more. You don’t need a saved game anymore. The objectives tab works now. Also all of the NO’s are working correctly. You still have to edit Italy to war and you’ll have to edit the early Russian battles as well.
    I didn’t give anyone their starting techs, except paratroopers, to allow for more flexibility. So those need to be edited. The other techs will show up when they’re supposed to. Russian advanced mech are now limited correctly.

    Added two new game xmls. One gives all of the valueless pacific islands a buck when Japan is at war with any of the Western Allies. The other tweaks the bomber units. It’s now A3 +1 A when paired with a fighter 1:1. TACs are A4 give +1 D to tanks when paired 1:1.

    Updated the game notes explaining the rules and added a link to this thread for any feedback. I also changed the makeup of some of the True Neutral Armies for “looks”. 🙂
    I’m gonna post this on a different site or two so maybe it’ll get some more exposure.

    Everything is in the attached zip file. Open triplea, open maps, put the objectives there. The units and games folders are both here. Put the XMLs in games and the units add accordingly. Put the UK units in all three UK folders.

    Oh yea been busy but my last game I went India crush and they … well crushed. 🙂  Wasn’t a game breaker though as Russia is quite strong in this game.


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    Right on Midnight!

    Glad you’re staying busy. Sounds like some interesting stuff you’re working on. 🙂 Saw some interest in "39, hope to hear some feedback.


  • Is there a link to boardgamegeek where these files are now located?!?!

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