• I have been playing 41’ most recently for time constraints with a background including classic and anniversary. I also enjoy the minis and war at sea (although they appear to be dwindling in popularity).

    That being said I have visited this forum for rule clarifications numerous times and am looking to expand on the usual 4 with whom I always play. So, Hello all, and I look forward to learning and correcting all the wrong rule interpretations I have made while playing.

    Rockland, NY
    AA, AAM, WaS

  • '14

    Welcome!  You should try 1942 2nd edition.  It is a great middle ground between 1941 and anniversary.  I began playing it because my anniversary games usually took around 10-12 hours and 1942 knocked it down to more like 8hrs.  I know that some people on here would say my games run long but my group is pretty layed back when playing plus I factor in a pizza break…

  • Cool. I’ll see if anyone in my group has a copy to try out. Thanks

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