A question about non-combat move

  • i want to ask that is below non-combat move legal or not ?  :?

    On Round 1
    one germany inf moves from romania and capture bulgaria
    Then, one tank move from romania to albania.

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    That’s a really good question.  I assume that Yugo was not captured and you plan to move the tank through Bulgaria after you activate it.

    The OOB rules page 11.

    Friendly neutrals may not be attacked, and air units
    may not fly over them. They can be moved into (but not
    through) as a noncombat move by land units of a power
    that is at war
    (see “Noncombat Move,” page 22). This
    moves the territory out of its neutral status, however. The
    first friendly power to do so places its national control
    marker on the former friendly neutral territory, and its
    national production level is adjusted upward by the value
    of the territory. With the territory’s loss of neutrality in
    this way, its standing army is immediately activated.
    The units placed belong to the power that now controls
    the formerly neutral territory, and may be used freely
    beginning on that power’s next turn.

    You would think it to be possible but the rules state that  They can be moved into (but not through) as a noncombat move by land units of a power that is at war.  I would think that rule would trigger at the beginning of the EOC phase and hold true until the end of that phase regardless of the change in ownership of other territories.  So I would say you could not move the tank through that territory.

  • thx for your reply. I raised this question as my friend has found out that he can perform the tank move through bulgaria to albania in triple A. 😄

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    If that’s the case then I would accept it as well.  I was just responding to the strict rule on friendly neutrals.  TripleA must immediately give ownership during the non-combat.  Makes sense to me but a very good question.

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    Just see the game notes for the TripleA map of Global 1940 2nd Edition.
    There it says:


    Below is a list of rules that the TripleA game engine either does not enforce, or enforces incorrectly, at this point. Each item starts with a code in parentheses that represents how you may fix or correct the rule.
    (PE) = Player Enforced = You must be aware of the rule and must follow it. The engine will not stop you from breaking the rule.

    Rules specific to 1940 the engine does not do, but you must follow:

    • (PE) You are not allowed to blitz or move any units through Friendly Neutrals, including the same turn they are captured, unless they have been previously attacked.

    So it is true, TripleA “allows” your move, but players have to be aware that it is against the rules (and for this drop it).

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