How to view game logs of top players?

  • Hi,

    I would like to start playing Axis and Allies 1940 online. In order to improve my skills, I would like to review som game logs of top players.

    Question no. 1: How do I do that? I already installed the TripleA software.

    A friend once showed me how to do it, so I am pretty sure it is possible to review game logs via TripleA. However, I have forgotten how it worked and can’t figure it out by myself, so help is appreciated.

    I think I would like to review game logs of good players such as allweneedislove, Gamerman01, rpg44, Hobo and Zhukov44. I understand from the league ranking that they are good players (2013-results)

    Question no. 2: Other players who are better than the ones mentioned, players whose game logs it would be smart to review?


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    Afternoon Danejstrup.
    If you mean games played, then in Boardgames.
    League would give you a good idea.
    Have fun and good luck.

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    Question no. 1: How do I do that? I already installed the TripleA software.

    Go to the boardgame section of the forum. Choose any game you are interested in and download the latest savegame available.
    Start TripleA. Choose “Load saved game…”. Browse to the file you downloaded and load it to TripleA hitting “open”. Hit “play” after that.
    The map will be opened with the savegame loaded at the latest status. In the “Game” menu choose “View History”. You see a panel on the left now.
    Now you can browse through all phases of the game. Choose “Game” - “Show current game” to exit the “history-mode”.

    HTH 🙂

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    That last sentence is golden

    Choose “Game” - “Show current game” to exit the “history-mode”.

    First time I got into the History mode I could not figure how to get out of it.

  • Thanks a lot for the help. At first I did not find the save games, but found them in the end, the small attachments at the bottom of certain posts. Thanks again, greatly appreciated. Think it will be interesting to review games from good players, a lot to study and learn I guess.

    Tips about good players to study?

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