• I’ve tried and failed to get my friends to play the original A&A with me, they just don’t have the attention span. I’m interested in trying the PBEM and hoping someone will have the patience to show me the ropes. long shot but i’m in Eau Claire, WI for a face to face game.

  • Are you interested in LowLuck at all?

  • I don’t know what that is… I’m interested to know that much.

  • Hi, D. Cheney here, (first-time poster, long-time reader), and I’m a PBEM virgin as well. I’ve played A&A off and on since I was twelve (a decade ago), and I run into a similar problem as you. My friends seem to think that when playing A&A, as in other games such as golf, pool, fooseball, and water polo ( 😉 ), one should attempt to drink as much beer as possible without losing due to the impairment of one’s faculties. This kind of ruins the fun for me, and I’d like to learn the PBEM process so I can enjoy the more analytical aspects of the game. So I guess, to the point, I was wondering if you wanted to mutually exchange our PBEM virginities. I’m also curious to see if I’m as good as I think I am after having never been beaten by my approaching-alcoholism friends! 😄

    Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

  • I’m a newby in PBEM game, i want to play PBEM, send me a e-mail. I play one game in online server mode and i love it. I have a good experience in board game. I don’t understand what’s the bid at the beginning of the game, someone know it ??? 😮


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