• I was just setting up G42 scenario on my Global 1940 board for the first time and realized that Germans seem a little screwed on the eastern front and doesnt fit with how they were as of 1942 and seems impossible for them to even get to Stalingrad. I looked on the forums and saw some people thought the same way and before i play with Larry’s designated setup, does anyone have any quick fixes to G42 setup?

  • any opinions?

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    I agree with you. We have played Global 1942 a couple of times now and both times Germany gets pretty much booted out of Russia with the exception of 2 or 3 territories. I think either Russia should not be so strong (less units on the front), Germany needs to be stronger (more units on the front) or at very least the turn order needs to be changed so Germany goes first again.

  • I was already thinking of having Germany go first and possibly taking out some artillery from the front lines of russia (possibly moving the some of the tanks in the Urals further east) But in terms of adding units to Germany I am very stuck on what to do. As they stand with the previously mentioned boosts or similar ones Germany still is at a major disadvantage and doesn’t stand a chance. the force next to Moscow is doomed, but in the south Germany has to be buffed. But should this buff come directly in Ukraine/Western Ukraine? or should this come as reinforcements in Belarus/Eastern Poland/Besserabia? both? or would this take it to the other extreme and give the Germans an unfair advantage?

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    I think the turn order is ok. It makes for a different game.
    Japan is far too strong and India falls almost every time, with China almost eliminated in the first few turns.
    I think removing a few Japanese units and giving them to Germany, would be my solution.
    Not sure which as yet (probably ground).
    That said, I have not won as the Axis yet. I find the Allies can weather the storm and overcome. I have not had the Axis overtake the Allies economically, despite the loss of both India and most of China.
    US has to go all Pacific, except 4-6 ground units sent across the Atlantic each turn.
    I have heard of Sealion working, but not seen one myself.
    Ultimately, I have tried to win with the Japanese, but found that last VP impossible to attain.

  • I know that my group gets very heated when trying to get bids or changes in rules and so should my argument be that I take some Japanese forces from the mainland (and new britain) and transferring them to Germany is fair? but in that case do you still think Germany can survive with the Massive Russian forces on the front lines? or should they be moved to or transferred to another allied power?

  • I played around with moving units from Japan to Germany, from inner Germany to the front lines (though i tried to restrict these moves) and Russians moving into more reasonable positioning

    Japan: 1 inf New Britain > Ukraine, 1 art Philippines > Ukraine, 1 inf Kiangsu > Belarus, 1 art Kwangtung > Western Ukraine, 1 inf Japan > Baltic States

    Germany: 1 inf/1 art Germany > Poland, 1 mech Poland > Ukraine, 1 mech Poland >  Western Ukraine, 1 mech Poland > Romania, 1 inf Romania > Besserabia

    Russia: 2 tanks Urals > Sakha, 1 inf Yakut > Sakha, 1 tank Moscow > Urals, 1 tank Archangel > Urals, 1 inf Archangel > Karelia, 1 art Bryansk > Moscow, 1 inf Bryansk > Tambov, I art Rostov > Stalingrad, 1 inf Rostov > Caucasus, 1 inf Rostov > Kazakhstan

    My goal was to make Russians still able to counterattack but not on all fronts, leaving Smolensk to still be doomed, Make Operation Blue still possible, give Germany better reinforcements behind the front, Have Japanese forces taken away so that there is a difference in Japans capabilities but not to the point that they would object


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    Can’t see map at the mo, but will look tomorrow.
    Thank you for coming up with a suggested change.

  • pics of How Russia and Germany look after moves mentioned in my above post

    axis 1.JPG
    axis 2.JPG

  • and how Japan is affected from the moves of its inf and art to Germany

    P.S. i am just using the Japanese pieces in Germany to show that those were moved from Japan

    axis 3.JPG

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    Thank you.
    What happened to Russia’s opening attacks then? Surely they could not capture the usual (is it) 5 territories?
    Normally they end with 41 IPCs.

  • the setup i have is before soviets take their turn, my goal with this is to have them destroy smolensk with ease, but then have to retreat to protect southern flank in Caucasus and Stalingrad, which is both historically accurate and fair giving both sides a chance, I want them to only be able to take one territory or else Germany would be screwed. With this Operation Blue is once again the centerpiece of the eastern front and with German reinforcements is possible. Also ever so slightly backed up Belarus and Baltic States means Germany doesn’t have to worry about a soviet attack in the region and can take the initiative in the south

  • played 2 games against land only Russian bot trying to replicate these changes as best as possible and one once lost once, would love extra input especially if the Russian moves were good or should be changed

  • should i keep this as my setup for game day or does it favor Germans too much?

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