I really want to buy this, but..

  • After watching some of the reviews and the problems with this edition I’m 90% decided to wait for 2nd Edition. What do you think the chances of a 2nd Edition being released?

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    It would make sense, but the prices of leftover inventory of 1914 are not going up which means they didn’t or haven’t gotten close to selling out. If you see the prices raise say to $150+ It is fair to assume it is nearly sold out. WOTC would probably consider another run of the copies dried up soon.

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    The fact that they were so ready to supply generous numbers of extra units to those of us who asked also suggests that they don’t anticipate running out of units; they probably prouduced too many copies of a game retailing at too high a price. Don’t hold your breath.


  • I just called them and told them I was short 1 german and they sent me 5…  I could tell this game was about making cash more than anything…half way through the game I am bringing out chips and figures from other AA games…Rediculous if you consider the price of the game…Not to mention the splits in the game board are right where the most activity is…

    I don’t think it will be anytime soon before a new version comes out…they have to get in the green on the first, first…

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    I won’t be buying this game until a 2nd Edition comes out, whenever that will be. I am tired of games being released that haven’t been extensively playtested, need major rule changes and are short on parts. Go, WotC! 😞

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    I wouldn’t count on any A&A game coming out anytime soon. We just got a whole bunch of new releases, and frankly from what I’ve read, Larry Harris has other projects he’s working on.

    As for prices I’ve seen 1914 for pretty cheap on Ebay and Amazon. TBH there’s a lot of gamers unimpressed by the game so I don’t think a second edition is on the minds of Hasbro/WOTC before the dump what they have in stock now.

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    Probably true, but I hope Larry doesn’t give up on WWI. There’s a really good game in there with a few tweaks and corrections, so a 1916 update would be tempting for me.

  • Just called, Matt from customer service said that:

    1. There is no process to provide additional pieces; and
    2. They are not aware of any issues with respect to insufficient pieces (when asked if this has come up before).

    He told me to try to find people with multiple copies to get other pieces from.

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