High Risk - High Reward German Strategy

  • This only applies if you use the optional rules of paratroopers, kamikazes, and scorched earth.

    G1 - load an infantry unit into the German bomber and drop the poor soul on London. Bring along all 5 fighters (kamikaze) for the attack. Hopefully, the British AA guns will miss (cross your fingers). Loose the bomber 1st - since after it drops its man, it’s just cannon fodder anyway. Then start loosing fighters. With some luck - you can eake out a victory.

    IF the British AA guns hit one - loose the bomber - you still have a slim chance.

    IF the British AA guns hit two - your doomed - nice try!

    Give it a test roll - I found I won 1 out of 6 or 7 times. Like I said - HIGH RISK but high reward.

    You raid the British treasury and take 30 IPCs, plus you get the extra IPCs that GB itself is worth - I think 8 or 10.

    GB is left with two transports but only one tank in Eastern Canada to counter with. The ensuing battle is 1 tank versus 1 infantry.

    If you loose, scorch the British factory. Britain gets their homeland back and collects income, but has no factory on turn 2. They build a factory turn 2, and can’t place units until turn 3 which they can’t use until GB4.

    If you win - and this isn’t far-fetched because one tank versus one infantry is anybody’s game - that means GB has no homeland and collects no money. The US will surely take GB back on their 1st turn, and if not then the Russians can take it back on their 2nd turn, but GB will have 0 IPCs on their turn 2. At the end of GB2, they collect income. Turn 3 they build a factory (you scorched it when the US came in). Turn 4, GB places units on GB which they can’t use until GB5.

  • Well, i don’t know if the gamble is worth it. You have about a 1 in 6 chance of winning (assuming that without an airforce OR london, you will lose the game- fair assumption). But if you’re the axis and playing with paratroopers you have quite a good chance of winning.

  • Update - If you try this in the Hasbro Interactive computer game with the computer playing Great Britain - the game will freak out and give GB unlimited IPC’s.

    The computer GB won’t even try to take it’s homeland back. It builds a factory in India. In the game I played, the computer tried to build 5 aircraft carriers, 250 fighters, and 5000 transports - but could only place 3 because it’s factory was in India. Weird bug!!!

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