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  • Hello everyone,

    My A&A 1940 Global group will be playing 1914 in a couple weeks and we wanted to get some advice on a few things.

    This will be our second time playing this game and the first was less than impressive. Even though we liked some of the new game mechanics and diverse nations compared to our WW2 game, the balanced seemed tilted and we lost interest fast. This time around we would like to give it a fair shake, however, we need some house rule changes to make it more balanced and to avoid the same negative impressions. We have looked at some popular changes that we would like to adopt for our upcoming game, but I wanted the opinions of those who play this game much more than us. We don’t want a whole new game, we just want the best tweaks that will give it close to fair and balanced experience, how do you guys feel about the following popular house rules?

    The limited two movement rule for land units as described by Larry’s tournament rules.

    Italy is neutral till end of round one with no income earned unless attacked.

    One or two pair of extra infantry and artillary for Germany.

    Additional (1) sub for Germany and replace French battle ship for cruiser and remove one Frech transport.

    Enhanced submarine convoy raiding rules plus making subs harder to hit by cruisers only during ASW by hitting on 1’s only before the subs submerge and go back to happily raiding convoys.

    Limiting India’s maximum production to 8 units.

    Russian revolution rule mandatory.

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    I would reduce India’s production further, maybe to 6.
    Otherwise, I think those changes should go a long way to helping redress the balance.
    Enjoy your second game!

  • Russian Revolution should occur if tts worth 8 IPC were captured by the CPs and one more tt is contested after Russias turn.

    I think the 2 movment rule of LHPTR is not in favour for the CPs.

    Make USW more powerful with one dice for every Sub that is in historical SZ2,3,4,7,8,9,15.
    Result of all dices will be the IPC loss!!!

    I don´t like the +1 port rule also (brings US-troops even faster to Europe) but since you didnt mention them…

    I thought about something like Strategic-Rail-movement cards that can be played by each nation for the extra movement of one stack of units to another tt between the turns. Once played the cards wont come back so you have to play them wisely in the game. (I think one game of A&A1914 should go only 9-12 Rounds for determing a winner) Germany has at the beginning of the game 12 cards,Austria 10, GB 8, Fr 6, Ru 6, OE 2, It 2;

    To make the game more historical (no Austrian attack on Venice R1) reduce two Art and five Infantry from Tirol. Also reduce 1 Art and 3 Infantry from Triest.
    Hannover gets 3 Art and 5 Inf, Kiel gets 3 Inf.
    Venice gets additional 1 Art and 1 Inf from Piedmont. Toscany gets 2 Infantry from Piedmont.
    I would add two german Subs in the Atlantic.

  • Thanks for the input, are there any other opinions out there?

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