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    Do you roll for tech and how early?

    I will with Japan, UK, or US. UK and US, really anytime. And with Japan I’ll seriously consider ti when I hit about 40 IPC’s.

    If I’m rolling for tech with Germany or Russia, it probably means the game is over. 😄

  • i absolutely despise industrial and heavy bomber techs so much that i try to forbid techs when playing this edition. many times, to my dismay, this doesn’t go over. when it doesn’t go over i will roll usually roll for tech in a couple conditions.

    since techs go in effect right away, i will roll for tech just before a key battle (like for an enemy capital). unlike techs, any IPCs spent on units won’t be able to effect that key battle.

    i’ll roll if i feel russia or germany will fall in 2-3 turns if i don’t get industrial tech for that respective nation.

    i’ll also roll if my opponent luckily acquired some key techs of his own. i find when an opponent gets industiral tech, many times the only way to beat him is with industrial or even heavy bomber tech.

  • I’m not so sure spending an average 30 IPC’s to get a tech (any tech) is such a good idea as a saving maneuver. But if you’re talking about one or maybe two rolls in desperation, then it’s a legitimate longshot that could be a boon in the long-term. But it may not be enough to save the USSR or Germany. If things are bad for either of them, they may be making <20 IPC a turn. Even if it only cost 10 IPC (and some luck) to get Indust Tech, that would leave with 5 inf on turn one, and 15 after two rounds. Not much more than than you could guarenteed if you hadn’t of spent on the tech. Worst case scenario, you get no tech (or super subs :roll: ) and now you’re down 3 inf. Unfortunately, the worst case is the most likely case.

  • In a straight-up, no bid, no RR game, the Axis might as well go for tech on round one, not much to lose. If Japan starts teching, I just try to match with the US. They can afford a couple rolls per turn while still dumping an ungodly number of inf into europe/kar

  • Whether or not I roll for tech depends on how the game is going. Usually I will only do it when desperate or when trying to quickly finish a game I have already won but my opponent won’t concede.

    But if my opponent starts to roll for tech, I might follow suit depending on my assessment of the situation.

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