• Moderator

    Civ 4 is coming!!! 😎

    It comes out sometime in this fall. WooHoo!

  • I know i know!!
    It looks like i am going to have to forget my dream of being a great physician and simply hope to be a reasonable one. Particularly if Civ 4 is anywhere nearly as addictive as the others had been . . . .

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    There’s going to be tons of new units too.

    Maybe there will be a Dr. unit just for you. 😄

  • Moderator

    I just got it last night, so if I’m not around a lot, it might be a good bet I got caught in a CIV timewarp. 😄

    So far it looked pretty sweet, and the music kicks butt!

  • '19 Moderator

    I will probably be picking this up tomorrow…  I may not be able to sleep tonight…  😛

  • Moderator

    Yeah, there is a bit of a learning curve to it.

    I actually went through some of the tutorial to get used to the new look and stuff.

    But then I decided to jump in and just learn as I go.

  • After wasting what i would call a long month on it….

    I would call it fair… Civ 4 while is better and worse than civ 3 which rocked out … for every point they added to the game i feel they took one away… Its a little too graphic heavy IMHO… i mean its civ… has it ever looked good? hence longer loads between turns… so not worth it…

    The multi caliber political system… while it looks more complicated and more involved … ahh i feel its rather bah after i played a few times…

    the effects of land bonuses… ahh i simply think they over did it this game… ahh but it does add to being able to trade with your neighbor…

    The AI well its still cracked out … so that’s the same…

    anyway those are my humble opinions on the game… At least they didn’t go Masters of Orion 3 on it and ruin a good title… gawd that blew…

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