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    What do you usually bid?

    I like 9-12 in RR, usually all to Afr.

    and 21+ for no-RR.

    Most of the time I like either 5 inf Afr, 2 Man or 4 inf Afr, 3 Man

  • Bid - it really depends on which i’m in the mood to play. If i feel like playing the Axis, then i’ll bid more aggressively ~ 8-10. If i feel like playing the allies, then i’ll “give away” the axis in with ~ 11-14 bid.

    • this is all RR, of course.

    I don’t often play non-RR, so this would be a completely different way of looking at the game for me.

    As for my bid placement - again it depends on which strat i wish to try - whether it is more of a Power Africa, or Power Europe. Also i tend to like a couple of inf on either MAN or BUR if possible. Thus you might see me with 1 extra arm on ALG/LIB and 2 inf on MAN/BUR.

  • I’ve never play’d with a bid before even though from what I hear it appears to be the norm. I’d like to try it out on this site, but unforturnately the ‘Play’ section on this site is down. Do you moderators know if anything is being done about that?

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    The “play” section never worked in the first place. It has been a long much needed improvement to the website that is still far from complete.

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    I’ve never play’d with a bid before even though from what I hear it appears to be the norm. I’d like to try it out on this site, but unforturnately the ‘Play’ section on this site is down. Do you moderators know if anything is being done about that?

    There are still ways to play on this site.

    Both CC and I have played several games here, but I’m guessing quite a few of them were lost.

    We use ABattle Map and the AAMC dicey.

    I can get links and stuff if you need them and are serious about online play.

    Also if you post in the “Games section”, that your looking for a PBEM (play by email or forum game) I’m sure you can find a player.

    And if no one responds after a day or 2, I’d be glad to play you.

  • thanks darth, i am serious about online play. can you post the info for everyone or is it better to send over email?

    3 questions about PBEM:

    what’s the avgerage duration per email (or turn) on this site?

    directly related to the first question, how long do you find an average game lasts?

    what are the specific rules for email syntax? i can get a feel for this by looking at your past games but i was wondering more specifically if there is any handy, organized info on this.

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    I’ll get the links tonight, at least for the Dicey and the Map program.

    Length of turns vary, it really depends on who you are playing and how serious your game is.

    I can usually do a turn a day. Most players will do at least a turn every 1-4 days, but there are times where it could be a week or more in between turns. Generally, players will say “hey this week I’m busy at work (or school), I’ll get my turn in next week…”
    That is usually good enough. As long as you keep your opponent informed that is usually good enough.

    Games, again it really varies. It is probably safe to say you can get 1-2 rounds done a week, if your playing fairly quick. So it could take a month or so to finish a game.

    Also players tend to not drag out email games. I.E., once Russia or Germany falls, most people will concede, or maybe play one more round if they are in position for a recapture or something.

    As for syntax, we’re not real strict here. If you are emailing a map, that tends to be “official”, and the write up of non-combat should support it.
    But everyone knows there are going to be typos here and there, so you give some wiggle room.

    Yeah, you can probably get a feel for things by just checking out a few games.

    We don’t have anything organized here, but maybe I’ll put a thread together for the games section. It wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  • I think some formal instructions might be nice. I started reading these forums regularly only a few months ago, even though I had been playing the board game and been aware of this site in general for years, and I started investigating the idea of playing by email then, but I found it a bit daunting at first, never having played anything by email before. For a while I thought that you had to just visualize everything kind of like how good Chess players will look at a list of annotated chess moves and be able to construct the board in their heads. Reading through some of the games in the Games forum really helped, and I found that I was actually able to visualize the board overall somewhat, at least for the purpose of observation. But then I signed up at DAAK and got a mentor, and found out about map programs and such. Now I definitely enjoy play by email more than anytime I’ve played in person before.

    I just wish people would play on these forums more often!

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    Okay, I put a PBEM - help thread up in the games section. I’ll add the links tonight.

    Yeah, at one point the games section was fairly active, but those that enjoy the PBEM tend to move on to club play at AAMC or DAAK or wherever. Too bad we lost about 2 years of games. Oh well, we just have to try and build that up again.

    We have done tournaments in the past (although I think only one was ever completed), maybe we could get one going again sometime.

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    I updated the links (in the games section), although the AAMC dice seemed like it was down.

    I have the DAAK LL dicey there though.

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