House Rules (Monopoly-Style)

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    Here’s an interesting concept: Having fan-developed house rules officially incorporated into a special-edition release of the Monopoly game.  The concept is being pitched by Hasbro, the parent company of WotC and hence the owner of the A&A game line.

    Anti-collusion rule? Paying bribes to avoid going to jail? Hasbro, the company behind the classic board game Monopoly, is asking fans to help select new “house rules” for future editions of the game.  In the latest effort to modernize the 79-year-old board game, Hasbro has opened up debate on 10 of Monopoly’s most popular “house rules” via the game’s Facebook page. […] The company said that while the official rules will remain the same, the top crowdsourced “house rules” will be incorporated into a special edition to be released this fall. The new “house rules” will also be included in the classic 2015 Monopoly game guide.

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    Most of the later game its an advantage to get sent to jail.

    Expose yourself to the entire company to spend 3 rent free turns in chokey.

  • The best monopoly house rule I ever played with is when you roll the dice, to take the result and have your choice of moving either forwards or backwards. However, if you pass go in the backwards direction, you pay the bank $200. Trust me, this rule makes an otherwise boring game interesting if you have a choice of two spaces where you can go with each dice roll.

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