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Premptive strike in contested territory?

  • cant locate a definitive answer sorry, but in a contested territory(at start of turn) if a amphibous assault is taking place do the defending artillerys still get a pre-strike? i didnt think so…but just checking…thanks

  • There can�t be an amphibious assault in an contested tt. Just an reinforcement. Imagine that the trenches are not at the coast but far in the “inner land”.

  • im a bit confused then…i cant land troops to fight a battle if a territory is contested?thats what it sounds like ur saying…i thought if i land troops i have a choice of  reinforcing OR attacking…isnt this correct?

  • just found the answer on page 23 in rulebook lol…i missed it when i was reading…i can land troops and either conduct combat or reinforce…and the defending artillery cannot make a preemptive strike…sweet!

  • Of course you can attack when you reinforce an contested tt. But its no amphibios assault where the enemys Artillery can shoot at your offloading units at the coast…

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