• After our first game of Global 1939 had the oddity of ANZAC invading S. America and other attacks on Strict Neutrals by the Allied players, I went back and reread the rules a couple more times while planning options for our next game when the earlier topic about UK/France’s inability to declare war on Germany sparked a thought regarding the neutrals.  The rules explicitly allow some countries to attack others at will, explicitly restrict others from certain actions, and are quiet about others.

    Germany:  Can attack any strict or pro-allied neutral (in addition to any allied power)
    Japan:  Can attack any power at any time
    Italy:  “Joins that Axis”

    • Can they attack any country after they have joined the Axis powers,

    • Or does Germany/Japan have to declare war on the Strict Neutral (e.g. Turkey) before Italy can attack it?

    Russia:  Can attack the Baltic States, Eastern Poland, Finland and any Strict Neutral outside of Europe.
    UK/Commonwealth:  Japan at the start of turn 3.
    US:  Can declare war on Axis powers when income hits 80 or after being attacked.

    • Can the UK or US declare war on a Strict Neutral during the game?

    • Can the UK or US declare war on a Pro-Axis Neutral during the game? (e.g. Spain after the fall of a Russian city)

  • In the real world, US and UK did in fact occupied neutral Iceland and Greenland, in order to secure the shipping lanes, and they did in fact occupied neutral Persia and Iraq in order to secure the oilfields. And all this happened in 1940 before USA had declared war to the Axis.

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    Italy joins the Axis with the Germans and can attack neutrals on their own.

    The US and UK can only attack Axis and minor Axis countries.

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    Any major power can declare war on any neutral when they are at war with another major power.

    Exception:  Russia cannot invade neutrals on the Europe map just because they are at war with Japan until they are at war with Germany and/or Italy or they can declare war on Germany and/or Italy.

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