Playing this Saturday and have 1st editioni

  • Alright so I am playing this weekend.

    Now, all we have played is 1st edition OOB rules.

    We actually have a 50-50 win rate for both sides.  However, I am looking to maybe incorporate some items to the second edition.

    Any suggestions on what we should incorporate?  Thanks.

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    I suggest that you ditch OOB rules for a while and try the full compliment of 2nd edition rules. Then you will know for yourself which new rules are best and which ones you might want to pass on.

  • I agree w/Young Grasshopper, all the work has been done for you (through the Alpha process) to get this 2nd edition. Once you have played 2nd edition a couple times, you will see how out dated 1st edition OOB is, and probably not go back.

    The changes to how an airbase works now is game changing (Alpha+1). Having scrambles reduced to just 3 planes, but allow any coastal air base to scramble to the sea (not only island air bases) completely overhauled the game for the better IMO. Some air bases were removed (Gibraltar, Malta), because it was deemed to powerful and many starting naval units also got moved around to accommodate (well worth the effort).

    The overall reduction in Pacific side air power (both Japanese, and Allies) along with somewhat of an increase to European air power also helps to balance out the two sides of the map IMO.

    Like YG said, you need to experience this for yourself though, good gaming.

  • Welp just to give you guys an update, we did not switch over to 2nd edition.  Everyone just wanted to start playing and get started.  So we stuck with 1st edition.

    Allies crushed the Axis.  The person playing as Germany/Italy ignored Russian almost the entire time.  They built navy after navy with Germany and no ground troops.  Needless to say, Russia took Berlin and USA took Rome.  At the end, Japan had their navy intact but lost all of china.  They had just Korea and Shanghai they took back when we quit.  And Russia was making 114 IPC’s per turn.  XD

    Perhaps we’ll look at the rules for 2nd edition for the next time we played.  Although, our games have usually been quite competitive and the record is now 4-3, Allies favor.

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