What to do in Africa without the RAF

  • If, for some reason, I decide that my Fighters (and maybe even my bomber) has other business than to visit the Italian shore in round 1 for this tarantula thing, for example because a Sea Lion seems immenent or because I need to attack a badly protected German fleet, whatever - what are you doing in Africa if you can only kill the transport next to Malta, but not the two Italian fleets next to Italy?

    I could kill Tobruk with planes, fast units and the transport ship, but the Italian can easily kill all survivors. I can try to fortify Egypt, but with two trannies and his air intact, he can overcome me there as well… I could sacrifice my mediterrean navi in a bold attempt to kill as many Italian ships as possible without the RAF from England, I could retreat all ships through the canal, for later or for India… what would you do?

  • Tobruk can be very effective for shutting down any concerted axis africa plays, just make sure u leave enough on egypt that Italy cant land on it on I1….4 ground 3 bombards and a bmr is not nothing…

    as far as dealing w sealion i find the 92 stack to be the most effective deterant. It brings more air in range of london than any other play, and the threat of a brit fleet coming north is a big monkey wrench for a G player looking to go sealion cheaply and effectively.

    Its seems counter-intuitive, but skipping 97 hit on UK1 often makes Italy weaker in the long run.  Sure he keeps more boats, but so do you, especially the carrier, and the chances of him matching your fleet are slim to none, especially since most times the Indian UK fleet is going to come back towards the med.

  • After my own experiences with the different (surprise) sea lion options GE can conjure out of its hat, I usually do 1 of the following with the UK:

    • In case of a planned Sea Lion (GE1 you will know). Kill the malta ‘fleet’ with 1ftr+1tac, leave a dd in SZ94 and move the CV(2ftr)+CA to SZ93. Land the tac in Gibraltar if it survives. The TRS can pick up the AAA and INF from Malta and transport them to Gibraltar as well. Together with the UK1 + UK2 buys this will save the allies from a disastrous fall of London. If GE chickens out, all Gibraltar and SZ93 stuff stays/returns into the med to give Italy hell. Saving London may cost you Egypt for a few turns, but as long as you can keep your army alive and reinforce it from India (RAF) and fast units from SA (you can even buy RAF units there), you will take it back. If GE does NOT chicken out you will have a much harder time in Africa but after a long game you should be able to drive the Italians out (again, Indian reinforcements!) and the axis are much more likely to loose the game due to a very strong Russia and (if Japan allows it) USA liberating London

    • In case of a surprise Sea Lion (GE1 all barbarossa buys and movements). Personally I still play cautious with the UK, in fear of a nasty German surprise. As a result, I keep the STR in London (and buy 2more to destroy any surprise TRS builds), don’t scramble and don’t move a single spitfire out of Britain (with UK2 buying 1 or 2 CVs in the channel, all 4 spitfires can reach any surprise built German fleet). Therefore I cannot do ‘Taranto’ if GE also has scramblers there. Instead, I attack SZ 96 and strafe Tobruk, killing as many Italians without using the TRS. SZ96+99 will be blocked off to protect Egypt while I stack Alexandria to the max. The CV will go into SZ81 to receive an Indian tac+ftr. Persia will be aligned (use the TRS). IF Italy brings more troops into Africa, they are insignificant to what UK has left and their TRS will all be dead (and their protectors, if any). Alternatively, you can just stack Alexandria with the blockers in place. Really, Italy can never win in Africa unless GE is stubborn in executing Sea Lion, which should cost the axis the game in the long run anyway (given LowLuck results, that is).

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