Rocket launchers on indust complex AA 50

  • Hi,

    Been a while since posted a question. We have re gathered and playing AA 50 and we have rolled special Rocket Launchers to fire on enemy Industry Complex upto 3 zones/territory’s away.
    Now, can the range of zones$territory’s include a no fly zone such as: magnolia/himalaya’s/switzerland/northern South america? I can’t see no where in the rules that disagree, only planes and land units not able to pass through/fly over these zones ( as a norm ). I think it is possible because it’s a rocket flying over, not a plane.

    Anyone out there know the correct answer please?

  • Official Q&A

    Per the FAQ, rockets may not be fired over neutral territories.  Nothing may pass through impassable territories.

  • Thanks for clearing that up Krieghund, you saved a huge debate!

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