Your wildest strategies?

  • What are some of the craziest, out of the box, and/or most unusual strategies that you’ve tried? Was it successful? I’d like to have a fun chat with some fellow risk takers about crazy Axis and Allies hi-jinks. Don’t forget to mention any houserules you used in your game that had a big impact on said strategy.

  • My wildest Stratigie is used for Table Top AA Globle Alpha 3 what I do is my partner and I are axis as our goal is to rush Russia ASAP so we do a G2 Barbarosa and Japan turn 1 buys 2 Industrial Complexs for Korea and Manchuria and I shuttle across as many men I can over and Japan 2 I go to war with Russia and Bring every unit i can muster and push threw China aswell I do not attack any of the allies at all . By the time round 3 comes along and Japan push a deeper into Russia and China they see what we do

    Japan Consolidates all it’s navy into the Sea of Japan. I swap all the carrier planes for fighters and send the tactical a over with the Rushing Tanks.

    Germany marchs across and Round 4 Japan is Stratigic bombing Japan and closing the gap while it’s funny to see china can’t leave it’s zone the allies are to far out of place to help Russia

    America just now gets to join the war but is to far to do anything at all England in the pacific is a joke and around Burma while the brunt of the Japanese force is to far even by planes England in the Atlantic is also trying to recover and won’t enable to do
    Anythjng effective by round 6 by then Russia falls and game is done.

    It was funny And fun cause the allies expected war Possably roud 2 or 3 with Japan but America didn’t come alive till 4 and really hurt them England alone is to week oh need that 1 -2 punch and Since that didn’t come Russia fell fast

  • On a grand strategy level, with no house rules (exept playing LowLuck) with the axis:

    Germany launched barbarossa, Italy got squished in Africa (after briefly occupying Egypt), and Japan played a slow game into Russia, China and from turn 3 and on, the DEI and SE Asia all at the same time. Japan was ‘waiting’ to see where it coud snap a weak point plus to delay the USA.

    Turn 6 saw Moscow very well defended by lots of RAF and Russian Infantry + artillery. Long story short: Low Luck predicted a crushing German defeat if it assaulted Moscow, but also a crushing defeat for the Russians if they would attack the German army. Almost solely because of the Luftwaffe landing in Bryansk. Stalemate!
    Since the USA played very heavily into Europe, this would only worsen for GE in the long term.

    So far so good. Nothing wild about that. But since the US focused very heavily on GE and IT, Japan had free reign in the pacific and Moscow was impossible to take by the axis.
    The wild part: the German army went south, into Caucasus + Stalingrad, seemingly to prevent exchanging the posession of those areas with the allies over and over again untill defeat. But they didnt stop there and went right into Afghanistan ignoring Moscow to take Calcutta. This freed Japan of investing more into taking Calcutta, and it ‘secretly’ (some fake movents were made) prepared for Hawai same turn GE would take Calcutta.
    GE held Berlin, but not much else. The axis win was achieved in the pacific thanks to America focussing too much on Germany and Italy (Rome even swapped control a couple of times).

    I am not sure this is a ‘wild’ strategy but it sure was for me at the time I did it.

  • Played a game where U.S.A did nothing but builds Aircraft carriers, transports, and troops.

    It wasnt until round 13 (When Russia, India, and China had all fallen) that America attacked…And conquered Berlin.

  • Customizer

    My wildest strategy as Axis is commonly referred to as Operation Cloverfield – The German invasion of Eastern United States.
    All three Axis have to work together on this.
    TURN 1: Germany buys CV, DD, SS. Standard opening moves - Take out Royal navy, Take France, Normandy and Yugoslavia. NCM into Bulgaria and Finland.
    Japan buys 3 transports, 1 artillery. Combat moves into China with existing men and equipment in Asia. Perhaps invades Russia if opportunity presents itself, but that is optional. NCM move some fleet to appear to get ready to take DEI.
    Italy buys either 1 fighter OR 1 transport, 1 infantry. Consolidates fleet for maximum protection from British in Med. OR kills what Allied ships they can. Depends on what UK did round 1.
    TURN 2: Germany buys 10 transports, helps Italy clear out Med with air power. Move as many land units as possible to fill transports to West Germany.
    Japan buys 3-4 more transports. Possible further attacks into China. Moves all navy back to SZ 6 and land units from Manchuria (or Amur if attacked Russia) to Korea so all transports will be filled.
    Italy sends whatever navy it has left to SZ 92 and takes Gibraltar.
    TURN 3: Germany should buy land units to shore up the Eastern Front. They then move entire navy plus 11 transports full of men/equipment from SZ 112 to SZ 91 and lands troops in Morocco.
    Japan moves fleet from SZ 6 to SZ 1 and invades Alaska and Western Canada. This will bring the US into war bringing their minor ICs to major ICs, but they will still only have peacetime money to spend.
    Italy takes it’s navy out to clear either SZ 89, SZ 102 or both (depending on how many warships Italy has left) of any US blockers in those sea zones. Also, they could take Panama and West Indies.
    TURN 4: Germany sails from SZ 91 to SZ 101 and invades Eastern USA
    Japan attacks Western USA from Western Canada and engages US fleet in SZ 10.
    Italy moves up and takes Central USA, probably for free.

    That’s pretty much game over for the Allies. The US shouldn’t have enough in either Eastern US or Western US to withstand the large Axis invasion forces. Germany will receive a large influx of money so even if Russia makes any gains attacking Round 4, Germany should be able to counter them and reverse the tide. Japan will boost their income an extra 10 points plus 5 for controlling San Francisco, so they should be able to regain any ground lost in China and deal with India and ANZAC. UK London shouldn’t be too much of a threat since they probably went defense heavy for the first 2-3 rounds fearing Sealion. Plus, now Germany and Japan are free to take over all the Canadian territories so England’s economy will be shrinking.

    Now, I must say that there are counters to this strategy and it will probably only work once if you play with regular players. Or, a skilled US player may be able to see it coming early enough to foil the plan. If Italy doesn’t have enough ships left to clear US blockers, that could screw things up. Also, if the US puts blockers in Sea Zones 7 or 8, Japan will have to attack them round 2 which will bring the US to war earlier than planned and give them more money to spend round 3.
    Still, it just seemed really crazy for the Axis to all gang up on USA and virtually ignore the other allies.

  • One crazy Axis strategy that I’ve tried involves a lot of Navy Purchases (warships and transports) G1&G2, I don’t remember the exact buys and movements though because it’s been awhile. G1 you try to take out as much of the British Navy navy as possible with subs and planes. At this point whether Britain likes it or not, they will forced to go on the defensive and stack London with Infantry. With a fake sea lion and German planes being sent down to defend the Italian Navy, it’s usually is enough save at least some of the Italian fleet. G2 German fleets come down to capture Gibraltar and Morocco and the Italians follow up with whatever ships they have left. From here both Britain and Eastern U.S. will be under threat of attack and the allies will be forced to pull back ensuring that they can’t be too aggressive.
    Here where it gets weird though, Italy then sends it’s navy to the Caribbean to capture the West Indies and Panama to temporarily deny the American N.O. Then Germany sends in their fleet on their turn to deter any American Counter Attack and land their troops in Panama. Initially America is too weak to fight back, especially if Japan is harassing the U.S. as well. Obviously if you stayed here for too long the Americans would sink you eventually, but fortunately the next part of the plan is for both fleets to enter the Pacific.
    Now this gives you solid chance to take out the American Pacific Fleet and ensure that Japan takes and keeps Hawaii (1+5 ipc’s if you include Japan’s NO and a victory city). It also makes it certain that Japan will take another NO for capturing those islands in the Central Pacific.
    Japan doesn’t play much differently other than taking the Aleutians (to take away another U.S NO) and Hawaii. Sure India and Anzac will be temporally stronger, but the Germans and Italians, with 5-7 loaded transports can reach down and land in Australia from Hawaii and wipe out the Anzac forces from the game with some Japanese Protection. Japan at this point can get really aggressive and assuming they get average rolls, India would probably fall sometime later. That would give Japan tons of options ranging from attacking the Middle East to landing in Africa to capture the U.K.s Minor Complex. In the game I played in we actually had the get more Japanese control markers because they basically owned almost half the map  😮 The USA could prevent this if they poured all of their resources into the Pacific, but this would in turn just help European Axis.

    Sure Germany and Italy won’t be able to be too aggressive in Europe, but if they can turtle  effectively if they bought mostly land units after round 2. They won’t be strong enough to take Moscow anytime soon, but you could force the Soviets out of Leningrad at least. The 10 ipc’s from ANZACS territories would help a bit to keep the money flowing in too.

  • So my latest strategy with the Allies was highly experimental but successful. First off, let me say that many house rules were used. We’ve never used house rules before, so we just recently began the journey of spicing up the game. The most notable house rules we used in this game were the Neutral Block rule, transport trucks, transport planes, and a Generals rule (Japan, Germany, U.S. , Russia, and U.K. each get randomly selected commanders with different perks) Now, onto the strategy that I call “Operation Roaring Bear”: At the beginning of the game, I sent 2 Russian infantry south. Britain bombed out Iraq, so Russia marched one man into Persia and Iraq at the same time. In Africa, the U.K. used aircraft to destroy the Italians without taking their territory. Russia was able to take all those normally useless Italian territories and turn them into sweet sweet 3ipc bonuses a piece. At the same time, 1 Russian infantry boarded a British transport and sailed to Brazil. The Americans used a handful of heavy bombers to destroy all the South American armies, and the Russians collected a nice chunk of change. It was pretty hilarious to have Moscow entirely surrounded and still collect enough money for 10-12 infantry per turn. Then after the Germans failed to take the city, the Russians steamrolled across Europe.

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