"Micro" IC's – Cost 5 -- Can build 1 unit per turn!

  • … Players can build a “Micro” Industrial Complex on any territory with a value of 1 or more (except for islands).

    What do you think? Would this adversely affect Global 1940 or would the new strategic options be fair and fun?

    _Should there be a limit on unit types that it can build?

    For example:

    • Ground units only?
    • Cannot build units that cost over 8 IPCs?
    • Infantry only?_ (I may prefer this one)

    Your input is appreciated!

  • I’ve read discussions about this before but they were called barracks and you could produce up to 3 inf. per turn. I don’t remember the cost

  • Customizer

    With the newer titles you have blank factory tiles that would work well for your ideas as well as the tiles marked “3” and “10” from the Global games.

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