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    In your experience, how many players can this game accommodate successfully?

    I ask because I have found that France is a really boring power to play; it usually does nothing but pile every last unit into the western front, and has too small an income to experiment with anything but obvious buys and moves. Italy is often doing nothing but hanging on vs Austria, and the USA can do nothing interesting until the game is (often) virtually decided. Turkey is also doomed to just hanging on, especially under PTR with the extra Russians in Sevastopol.

    As it stands, I would say only 5 players can be included with all having interesting decisions to make:

    1. Austria & Turkey
    2. Russia & USA
    3. Germany
    4. France & Italy
    5. UK

    Turkey and Italy could both benefit greatly by starting neutral; Turkey by avoiding Russian and UK attacks R1, and Italy getting “first strike” against Austria on R2.

    But any newcomer getting America in an 8 player game will not be amused.

  • Yeah, more then 5 wouldn’t be good IMO either, and your line-up sounds right.

    I personally like a 4 player game when playing AA (any of the global versions). Any more and it seems like an eternity for your turn to come around (some lose interest). I also like having a partner to bounce stuff off of, and hopefully they will help see something I may have missed (or talk me off the ledge in some cases LOL). 2-3 player games are good if it will continue on for more then 1 day, because sometimes it is hard to get a group of people back together.

    I think that AA1914 is no exception. More then 4 and someone is probably a little bored.

    I would go with:

    Russia, Italy, US
    UK, France

    I also think there should be a slight power shift to Germany (from Austria), and a major tweak to naval combat and USW to make them more interesting. I’m also on board with Turks/Italians starting neutral, maybe not as restricted as you would like though.

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    Maximum five.

  • We’ve had a lot of success with 4 players;

    ~Britain/US (UK is huge, so the player doesn’t mind waiting through the US turns)

    We might also swap US for Italy in this setup.

    And I agree, France IS boring, with only 1 real option. Stack the Western front and wait to get bailed out.

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