WIP Displaying HBG minis. (The "Living Boards."

  • Im working on a display for my HBG Minis.
    But I decided to make a small table.

    But i picked a different way of making it. Instead of picking out where to place tanks and etc… I played a small war game on it. Hence “Living boards” as each bored is determined by the outcome of a battle.

    Allied-3 M4 Sherman/ 1 F-86 Sabre
    OPFOR-4 T-34/ No air

    Rear- Die roll of 2
    Sides -4
    To defeat a shot you have to out roll the die.
    Air support is a single sweep of 3 die. Air is called in rolling 4 die and getting 12 and up.

    First 3 turns were moving. Turn 3 had the first M4 fire at a T34.
    At the end of turn 3, 1 Sherman had been lost.
    Turn 4 saw the loss of one T34
    Turn 5 saw the loss of another M4
    Turn 6 saw the loss of another T34 and a filed Allied air support call in.
    Turn 7 saw no losses despite the Successful role for a Sabre air support.
    Turn 8 saw the lose of the Last M4.

    The Bridge leading out of town (Occupied by OPFOR) is blocked with the remains of the M4s.
    The ORBAT forces lost half their strength, and must await engineers to clear the bridge.
    The Bridge is still intact, but may have some damages due to the exploding tanks.
    Allied forces failed to establish a front line on the other side of the bridge.
    Is they dont show up, right click and view image. Ill work on fixing them ASAP.
    Turn 1

    Turn 2

    Turn 3

    Turn 5

    Turn 6

    Turn 8

    Out Come
    OPFOR can push towards a Allied Airbase, where hopefully the Allies can hold to keep Air Support close (12 or Higher. If lost, the die role becomes 18 or higher.)
    4 Allied Tanks
    1 Allied Air
    6 Opfor Tanks
    1 Opfor Air
    Any comments on how im making my displays? Also hope this is a proper area to post this customization, or would it fall in minis.

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