• I hope this is the right section.  Anyway i am thinking of a new strategy with allies.  Basically goal # 1 is destroy German navy, then buildup UK and USA navy. Once the US & UK has a navy begin landing UK and US tanks in Norway.  Use the US and UK tanks to attack Germany in the North while Russian Infantry and tanks move south.  Meanwhile buying 1 bomber with US and UK here and there and Industrial bombing Germany using the thing where it reduces  how many units can be placed in the territory.  Once there is substantial tanks in the East allies can start hitting Western Europe once Russia is able to mount an offense against Germany by itself. Then Germany will be weakened and forced on a two front war with UK & USA hitting West.  I have not tested this with another player yet but i have played myself.  Seems like a strong strategy but Japan is so fast now in this version and that navy is so big.  Japan and Germany can shake hands in the caucus and make things tough.

    Thoughts comments welcome.


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    Hello friend,

    I am recently playing with a friend here and he seems to use a similar strategy as what you described.  Build up a strong navy before launching other land based attack.  It seems to work actually.  I gained early advantage when playing as Axis but now I am in the middle of hard fight as the Navy is so strong that it’s impossible for me to attack.  At the moment it is still hard to say the final result but this strategy is worthy something to look into.  As you said the potential challenge is how to contain Japan as it could turn into an orange monster in no time.

    Might be the best way to test is to play a few games in PBEM and see.

  • Just do not let Japan unhindered, because you will likely lose. Japan will make 55+ income and then it’s impossible to stop it.

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