My new hobby area

  • 2018 Customizer

    Here are a couple of pics of the new basement hobby/computer area I am having built. You might say its a man-cave for a nerd. :lol:  Its just the skeleton but you can get the idea. There will be fresh paint, shelves, lighting and etc before its finished. I will be able to roll on my chair along the desk to what ever station I have set-up.

    As the Piece de la resistance, In the center on the bumped out wall I am having a glass display case built for my 15mm mini’s and my AAM Canadian army. I will send the shelves for the case to a good friend who does 3d terrain and have him flock and create terrain on the shelves for the minis to sit on. I’m hoping it will look pretty cool.

    [EDIT] - The photo resizer doesn’t seem to be working so you will have to scroll to see the entire picture.

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