Returning players and new player quesions

  • Hey Guys,

    A group of US are just getting back into Axis and Allies and we also have a few new players. I have a list of common questions that I thought I would share, any help would be awesome as the older players are hopeing to excellerate the new guys skill levels.

    Russia: Viable first turn purchases/combat moves?

    Germany: What should Germant do with their Fleet if it manages to meet up in SZ 13 or 8?

    UK: Is not puttting an IC in India viable? If so whats the alternative?

    Japan: Is attacking India J1 possible and how is it done without being left exposed?

    US: Best purchases and movement to get the US involved Atlantic/Eurpope was asap?

    Rule: Can a player place a naval unit during the placement phase in a hostile seazone?

    Some of these quesion may seem basic however, including myself the returning players have not played for years and we want to help the new guys as best as possible. Asking for some different options will do this as some of the older players are stuck in their turn 1 ways.


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    Roman Sandal: you can place a new purchase in a hostile SZ as the Combat Round is over.
    The other (enemy) naval unit owner would have to attack your units on his turn or move out of the SZ.

  • Welcome back to an amazing game that I have enjoyed since circa 1988.

    First, you might be in the wrong forum. This is for the relatively recent 1942 second edition. Not to be confused with Revised ( little older ) or even Spring 1942 ( more entry level / beginner game ). Or Anniversary Edition. Or the original one you probably played back in the day 🙂

    Russia: fighting a defensive battle with primary objectives being to take/hold  W. Russia, trade Ukraine as long as possible with minimal casualties, and keep Caucasus secure. Avoid being overly aggressive which works hugely to Germany’s advantage. You will be surrendering Karlia immediately and stalling Archangel so Germany has no direct line to Russian capital. Abandon Karelia for Round 1 heavy assault on W. Russia. 9 infantry + art + tanks, leaving just enough to also take (barely) Ukraine. Some people prefer to strafe Ukraine but I firmly believe you must take it with the barest minimum of troops. 1 surviving tank/infantry taking it means you did it right. Germany likely centers his forces in Belorussia and you will stack W. Russia like mad and keep swapping Ukraine. Send fighters from UK to W Russia they can make it in 1 turn.

    Germany: Round 1 you can sink entire British fleet while ignoring the Destroyer off Egypt and the Destroyer/Transport off E. Canada. You can also sink US Atlantic Destroyer + 2 Transports. All can be done with only the loss of 1-2 Subs and the Baltic Cruiser/Transport which will be counterattacked by British Airforce. You can typically preserve German BB + Transport in the Med for a round or more depending on how Allies react. That is sufficient in terms of dealing setbacks to the Allies. Position all German fighters in France or NW Europe for first several rounds and UK will not be able to rebuild a Navy that can’t be insta-sunk by 5-6 German fighters and Bomber.

    UK: Starts with IC in India which is what leads me to believe you could be asking about another version. This is considered by many bad for the Allies as you must invest in defending India as long as possible since Japan taking that factory sends tanks pouring up the underbelly of Russia. Coupled with UK Round 1 naval losses, it more or less means UK can’t do anything in Atlantic either until India falls and frees up UK spending or USA fleet arrives and can provide cover for transport purchases by UK while still paying to fortify India and send occasional fighters over through W Russia.

    Japan: No round 1 India take possible in this version in part for reason listed above and existence of British fleet off India / Australia. Round 2 is very improbable. Round 3 if Japan is being ignored by USA they will be massing for a big India push (amphibious).

    USA: it depends on whether you’re going Germany First or Japan First. This version has a wider Atlantic (3 sea zones instead of 2) which really hurts Atlantic transport shucks like in the older versions. Combine that with the US Atlantic DD+2 Transports being sunk Round 1 and 6 German Fighters + Bomber and possibly Med BB covering W. Europe and you’ll be needing to completely rebuild USA Atlantic fleet from scratch with expensive stuff before going to Europe. Or wait 3 rounds for your Pacific fleet to swing around. Bottom line, no hope of real pressure on Germany before 4th Round by which time Russia may be collapsing.

    Quite daunting. Allies need bid of 10+ in this version against skilled Axis opponent.

  • Hey Outlaw,

    It is the revised version we play. Thanks for taking the time to answer any way. If you are experienced in Revised I have also posted it in the revised forum.

    Thanks again

  • Try picking up this one if you can - newer version, newer rules, and prices have stayed pretty low on Amazon etc.

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