Forced Armistice Rule for G40/G42

  • Forced Armistice Rule (Atom Bomb Rule) for G40/G42- meant to be played along with “tech token” rule from AA50

    1. Starting at the beginning of round 12, each side rolls a pair of dice simultaneously known as the “Forced Armistice Roll”.  This is a free roll at the beginning of each round starting with round 12.  Each side will try to score doubles for a success.
    2. If both got doubles they negate each other and teams play on, if only one got doubles, the other side can spend $5 per reroll or spend $30 flat rate to match it and negate it.  Any leftover tech tokens can go toward either payment or a power can “dismantle” a tech and forward payment that way. ($5 for either method).  You CAN collaborate powers for combined/shared payment.
    3. If after this, only one side remains with a successful roll then that current round will be the last round.  If a VC victory if not achieved by the opposing side, the side with the successful armistice roll will force an armistice and a win.

    Just my version to share, I used round 12 as a base b/c I believe that 12 rounds is the minimum number of rounds for each side to really get established and possibly win the game by then- just seems fair to me.  I suppose this can be played without using tech or tech tokens in the game, but hey, if your using this house rule you might as well have tech in there as well- might as well make it wild and fun.  Obviously, the teams need to consider this rule if they are bidding also, which I do.  Enjoy! 😄

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    Why not just flip a coin?

    This seems a bit arbitrary…

    Love the concept though!

  • Rules of armistice should be judged by:

    Military power, relative to nearby enemy units.
    Political power, the amount of objectives each side controls.
    Special rules, U.S.A can never sign an armistice.
    IPCs vs enemy IPCs.

    as well as a hand-full of other variables.

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    the side with the successful armistice roll will force an armistice and a win.

    There’s something about this idea I’m having trouble understanding: the concept of “an armistice and a win”.  An armistice isn’t a win, it’s a cease-fire by both sides.  The armistice of November 1918 may have stopped the shooting in WWI, but at the time it wasn’t seen as an end to the war itself: in fact, in 1919, when the Germans dilly-dallied over signing the Versailles Treaty, the Allies threated to resume hostilities unless Germany signed.  They didn’t threaten to start a new war; they threatened to resume a war that had simply been put on hold as far as the shooting was concerned.  As for what happened in August 1945 (you mentioned the A-bomb, so I assume this is what you’re referring to), it wasn’t a case of Japan and the US declaring an armistice, it was a case of Japan surrendering and thereby allowing the US to walk into the Japanese home islands without firing a shot.  (Hirohito’s radio address referred obliquely to accepting the terms of the Potsdam Declaration, and never used the word surrender, but that’s what it amounted to.  In fact, it came within a few decimal points of being an unconditional surrender, the Allies having been willing to make the single concession that Japan could keep having an Emperor, though only in a ceremonial role.)

  • Yes I suppose armistice is the wrong word.  Point is trying to incorporate the impact of the A-bomb race…as I believe Germany was trying to invest also.  The A-bomb technology is something that is really not addressed in this game.  It some sense I always felt it should be simply bc of its effect on the war- virtually put the war to a much quicker end.

    Any power with this technology alone would have extreme power to turn the tide very quickly for their side.  Its just a difficult thing to ignore.  Mechanically its always been a challenge to incorporate without being too dicey- than again this was meant to be played with tech anyway which players know “dice up” the game.

    Game mechanic wise I see it working as a timeclock so to speak.  12 rounds to me is fair enough to let the game play out far yet begin a “timeclock” scenario with an A-bomb type mechanic- maybe like a Defcon 5 thing in Twilight Struggle.

    I was thinking a single power could gradually save up six tech tokens (not roll them throughout the game- $30 worth)- and starting in round 12 “buy” the A-bomb tech and force the current round to be the last round.

    I don’t know…just brain storming…what’s the best A-bomb house rule you guys have heard of…please share I’m intrigued!!!

  • Best A-bomb rule is by making OP as all hell. As-to make the other side just think ‘well i’ve lost, may as well not prolong it’.

    -Rolls dice against all enemy units @ 5 or lower to kill
    -Maximum damage to all facilities
    -Hit any land territory you like

    Another good idea it to make ALL technology incredibly powerful.
    -Advanced artillery supports 3 Infantry, and 1 Tank
    -Warbonds gives 3 dice worth of IPCs
    -Long-range aircraft allow planes to land on islands as if they were part of the sea-zone, allows them a scramble range of 2, and for land battles
    -Heavy bombers roll 3 dice and pick 2.
    -Improved mech Infantry allow 1 Infantry that start in the same territory to move 2 spaces
    -Rockets can destroy 1 land unit (owner chooses)


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