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  • I am looking for a little help/advice.  I have been so inspired by the amazing painting of members like Spitfire, Viracocha, and others so I have been embarking on a painting mission myself.  I have plenty of pieces to practice with and it has been fun to get started.

    I’ve seen several post that they have used decals from I-94 for their pieces.I am looking for some decals with national insignia, numbers for ships, etc. and I saw there are tons and tons of different sheets from I-94.  It’s almost mind boggling.  Viracocha, Spitfire, and others can you help me understand which sheets you ordered?  Which sheets are the right size for standard A&A planes, ships, armor, etc?

    I appreciate the help from the group and look forward to posting my own finished pieces at some point.  🙂

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    I have worked with a large number of these decals for Tall Paul and it is safe to buy pretty much any of them, as almost any sheet should work size-wise. You will be unable to use the larger ones on the sheets, but the medium and smaller decals will work perfectly.

    As for which ones, that is up to your personal preference. Depends what you want on your units. Just look around on the I-94 website at the scans of the sheets and you can see what is on each.

    General Pepper …  “Good luck.”

    See below for a sizing. First is an OOB Wildcat/Hellcat, second is an OOB Dauntless. All decal sheets are this size, except for some of the Italian ones which are a little smaller. This should give you an idea of which sizes you can use and which ones you won’t be able to.

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    Hey ThinBlueBBQ -

    I personally don’t use decals, as it’s just more expense and hassle to deal with, and I like my pieces to be uniformly hand-painted. That being said, I think they are very useful for planes and ships, especially aircraft carriers, and I have seen some really snazzy looking pieces that use decals.

    So, I can’t pitch in with much information, but I will say that I-94 is certainly the place to go to. Make sure you do some research on the best method to apply decals, as there are a few different ways people like to do it. Best of luck with your projects, and of course I/we will be here answering questions, supporting you, and drooling over new pictures when you finish some work! Enjoy  😄

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    thinbluebbq & others,

    ––Here’s the “link” to the “scans” of the I-94 decals.


    ––I-94 Enterprises doesn’t have EVERY decal scheme in the world, but they have very many that you can use for painting your A&A units. I not only RECOMMEND them, but I seriously suggest you look at the “SCANS” of the actual decals before ordering so that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. I’d say these decals are cost-effective and will make your units look soo much SHARPER in their detail versus hand-painting, but that’s just MHO. So far I’ve already bought about $350 worth and I have a ways to go to get to everything detaild/painted. The pics Lucas showed above should be very helpful.

    “Tall Paul”

    P.S.-Here are some “Risk Factories” that “Allworkandnoclay” has just completed with the aid of some
    I-94Enterprises decals.


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